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    Krones SynCo
    SynCo Container conveyor

      Conveyor for cans, glass or PET containers

      Efficiency and harmony in your line

      Modern high-speed lines also demand intelligent system components for their intermediate sections. Being an individually customised conveyor, the SynCo container conveyor contributes to a trouble-free production at a large degree.

      At a glance

      • Conveyor for cans, glass or PET containers
      • Distributes, combines and stores up to 120,000 containers per hour
      • Individual conveyor design due to flexible functional modules
      • Intelligent solutions for control systems
      • Energy-saving components

      SynCo Container conveyor
      Brochure Krones Container conveyor SynCo
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      Method of operation

      A special feature of SynCo conveyors is their sophisticated control concept, which is individually tailored to your line, your products and the conditions on site.


      • Function display and operation via touch-screen
      • Frequency control of all drives 
      • Active back-up management via:
        • Continuous measurement of the buffer capacity via sensors
        • Adjustment of the machine output to current buffer capacities of the system
        • Dynamic adjustment of the conveyor speed depending on the extent to which the conveyor is filled

      Benefits to you

      Harmony and efficiency in your line

      Our conveyor systems demonstrate more than 30 years of experience. Innovative technology provide a harmonic line flow, continuously high line efficiency and gentle product transportation.

      Modular design

      The individual combination of our modules and a large selection of different product groups enable us to fit your conveyor optimally into the room conditions of your line layout.

      Intelligent connections

      A continuous metering of your back-up situation, the signal exchange of the individual machines among each other as well as a suitable buffer system provide an efficient overall operation.

      Long service life

      The rugged basic construction and a minimum requirement for maintenance ensure a long service life and a trouble-free function of the conveyor.

      Low energy requirement

      Due to the exclusive employment of high-performance PM motors an efficiency rate of 90 percent is achieved. The power consumption is far below the one of asynchronous motors.

      Quick installation and commissioning

      Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in the factory. This ensures the conveyor is ready for operation within a very short time (»plug and play«).

      This is why the SynCo is enviro-classified:

      Energy efficiency

      • The highly efficient PM drives save up to 40 percent of energy as compared to conventional asynchronous motors 
      • Reduces the power consumption during a standstill by means of energy-saving circuit 

      Environmental compatibility

      • Minimises water and lubricant consumption through the use of dry lubrication (where technically possible) and state-of-the-art plastics
      • Consistent use of food-safe greases and oils for the lubrication of bearings and gears


      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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