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    Krones Sekamat

    Detecting and rejecting bottle types

    Coping with bottle diversity in returnables lines

    The Sekamat sorter is installed directly at the conveyor and differentiates the containers passing by according to their type-specific criteria. The containers are inspected contact-free so that they will not be worn. Depending on the selected program, a CCD camera records specific characteristics like height, colour, contour, neckfinish, or cap. This multiltalented system detects full containers or differentiates glass and PET without any problems.
    And, because this all is performed in a flow, the Sekamat can reach outputs of up to 72,000 containers an hour even with high-requirement sorting tasks!

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    Your benefits

    Thorough sorting

    The well-coordinated team of CCD camera and DART technology works with high precision and provides optimum sorting results - bottle by bottle.

    Large programming variety, short change-over times

    The Sekamat can perform up to 9,999 different sorting programs. Changing from one program to the next is easily done and within very short time.

    Small footprint

    The compact modules are mounted directly to the conveyor and require only little space.

    Many functions, high speed

    Sekamat manages a large range of different detection patterns, and it achieves a continuously high performance also with very challenging sorting tasks.

    Long service-life lighting unit

    The LED lighting units only consume very little energy and have a long service life.

    Remote diagnostics and maintenance via remote service

    The remote service provides specialist consultancy and service around the clock. If required, a Krones technician can access your inspector via a secured data line. This way, parameter settings, software updates, and malfunction analyses can be performed cost-efficiently and quickly.

    Uniform operating concept

    All Krones machines are equipped with a uniform operating concept for maximum user friendliness.


    • Application: for the rejection and distribution of containers
    • Rejection onto parallel conveyors
    • Suitable for containers of different types and sizes; rejection of containers in upright position possible
    • Modular design
    • Rejection on up to four lanes
    • Output: 50,000 containers per hour


    • Application: for the rejection and distribution of containers
    • Rejection onto a parallel conveyor, onto a rejection table, or onto a collecting tank
    • Compact design
    • Suitable for empty and full containers
    • Cost-efficient system
    • Very low maintenance
    • Savings in energy, no air consumption
    • Low noise level
    • Output: 72,000 containers per hour

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