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    Krones Sekamat
    Container sorter

      The high-precision container sorter

      Sorts unerringly –without leaving marks

      Height, colour, contour, neck finish or cap: Regardless of the characteristics of your containers, the Sekamatwill recognize them, and reject all the other ones unerringly. A camera is used for contact-free inspection.

      At a glance

      • Possible sorting criteria:
      • Container contour
      • Diameter
      • Container height
      • Neck finish contour
      • Colour
      • Cap presence
      • Additional inspection units for:
      • Label colour
      • Partially filled containers
      • ACL
      • Cap colour
      Download brochure Container sorter
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      Benefits to you

      Thorough sorting, higher efficiency

      The high-precision sorter provides an optimum sorting result for each bottle. As a result, the line efficiency is also increased, as containers of other types are rejected in front of the washer.

      Ease of operation

      Mechanical adjustment is not required for type change-overs. Faulty operation is thereby almost excluded.

      Low-cost procurement and operation

      The Sekamat scores with low investment costs and also proves to be quite economic during operation: Its LED lighting units ensure a service life of at least ten years and never require maintenance during this period.

      Remote diagnostics and maintenance

      The Krones Remote Service provides you with round-the-clock expert advice and support. If required, a Krones service engineer can access your inspector via a secure data link. Parameter settings, software updates and fault analyses can thus be carried out quickly, cost-effectively and with absolute security.

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