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    Krones PET-View
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    Control modules in the stretch blow moulder

      Inspecting preforms and PET bottles

      Dependable production in the stretch blow-moulding machine through quality control

      Better safe than sorry. This is why PET-View checks not only the preforms entering the stretch blow moulder but also the finished bottles as they come out. This control system consists of five different modules, and all are integrated directly in the stretch blow moulder. Each module performs a different quality check. And together, they all ensure maximum process reliability, optimum container quality and high transparency in the blow moulder.
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      Your benefits

      Excellent bottle quality

      PET-View screens the discrepant bottle preforms and bottles to requirements and ensures firstclass container quality in this way.

      Space-saving solution

      Unlike free-standing inspection units, the PET-View does not need any space for setting up: The compact modules are simply integrated directly in the stretch blow moulder.

      Process reliability

      Faulty preforms constitute a considerable hazard for the stretch blow moulder. PET-View releases only perfect preforms for the moulding process and in this way ensure trouble-free operation of the blow moulder.

      Data transparency

      Controlling the quality of the bases gives you dependable information about the blow moulding process. Any errors in the settings made for the blow moulder can thus be seen immediately and accordingly rectified.

      LED illumination

      Illumination is by LEDs in all modules. This is characterised by uniformity in the luminescence, a long service life and the low energy consumption.

      Remote diagnostics and maintenance per remote service

      The Krones remote service provides you with round-the-clock qualified advice and support. If necessary, a Krones technician can access your inspector over a secure data line. In this way, parameter settings, software updates, and malfunction analyses can be carried out with absolute safety for cost effectiveness and quick response.

      Standardised operating concept

      For maximum user-friendliness, the same operating concept has been used for all Krones machines.

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