Krones LinaCool

Recooling of hotfilled products

The cooler in clean design

What do people playing sports and hot-filled drinks have in common? Both appreciate a welcome cooldown. The latter, at least, can rely on the Krones LinaCool to provide just that: With its sophisticated spraying nozzle system, it cools all products gently down to ambient temperature, in order to avoid distorting their taste or colour. Regardless of whether the products are in cans, glass bottles or PET containers!
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Design of the LinaCool


  • High-grade workmanship

    Housings and pumps are manufactured entirely of stainless steel with bated surfaces. This reduces the risk of corrosion and provides the cooler with a long service life.

  • Modular construction

    The LinaCool consists of multiple modules which are pre-assembled and tested prior to shipping. This greatly reduces on-site installation times.

  • Innovative conveyors

    The Marathon Belt and Ironman Belt conveyors are suitable for all container types, transporting them safely and gently through the cooler. Thanks to their minimal friction, they are resistant to wear and so provide long service life.

  • Hygiene and safety

    The clean design with inclined drip pans and centralised draining provides ideal hygienic conditions and guarantees that no water re-mains in the machine.

  • Minimum, easy maintenance

    All components are at operating height and are easily accessible. Maintenance jobs can be done easily and without any tools.

  • Low infeed height

    The infeed and discharge height of 1,200 mm guarantees optimum accessibility and permits ideal connection of the cooler to the filler.

  • Intelligent control

    With its dynamic control of temperatures and volume flows, the LinaCool provides the optimum cooling capacity in every situation, ensuring minimum energy consumption figures, maximum process reliability and best product quality.

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