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    Cooling tower VapoChill
    Cooling tower VapoChill

      Cooling tower which is perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the market

      The energy required for cooling plays an important role in the beverages industry. This is why Krones has developed its own cooling tower in the form of the VapoChill cooling tower, which is perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the market.

      At a glance

      • Scalable design capable of covering cooling requirements from 50 to 2,000 kW
      • Designed based on cooling requirements and local climate conditions
      • Fast “plug and play” installation
      • Stainless steel housing and components with a long service life
      • Simple preparation of the foundations, with the load split over four individual points
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      Benefits to you

      Best hygiene conditions

      The unit is designed in accordance with Clean Design principles to achieve the best possible cleaning results with minimal personnel effort and time. Optimum accessibility to e.g. the detachable sieves ensures that the filters can be checked and cleaned while operation is ongoing.

      High resource efficiency

      The special blower design employed in the Krones VapoChill reduces energy requirements by up to 85 percent in ongoing operation (compared to conventionally operated cooling towers). In combination with Krones pasteurisers, heat exchangers and many other machines, this can help achieve significant water and electricity savings.

      Optimum integration

      VapoChill cooling towers are connected to Krones machines and are integrated in their control systems with full networking, which makes operation significantly easier.

      Maximum flexibility

      Krones VapoChill can be used in any application where process water needs to be cooled efficiently. This can be both in combination with a Krones machine or with machines from other manufacturers –or for completely different applications requiring cooling water.

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