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    Decapper Krones Rotomat
    Decapper Krones Rotomat

      Safely unscrewing closures

      Decapper for removing screw caps

      With its variety of set-up options, the Rotomat perfectly complements the modular concept of a returnables line. Its flexible design makes it possible to match the decapper to the available space and the operating conditions in the respective bottling lines.

      At a glance

      • For metal and plastic screw caps –depending on the model, also both on one machine
      • Suitable for cap diameters of up to 50 millimetres
      • Equipped with 6 to 25 decapping heads
      • Line output up to 60,000 bottles per hour
      • Rotary machine with different layout configurations
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      Your benefits

      Reliable operation

      The Rotomat safely unscrews caps up to 50 millimetres and is not disturbed by wet container surfaces. It even removes caps that are slanted or screwed on too tightly without damaging the thread. If a cap is missing, the decapping head remains open, thus preventing damage.

      Easy handling

      Conversions can be easily performed thanks to the automatic height adjustment of the decapper's top part. Thanks to low-wear decapping heads, the system is also easy to maintain and service.

      High level of hygiene

      The design of the machine follows the requirements of hygiene -especially through the consistent reduction of surfaces and clear separation of the drive unit and the decapping area by means of a table top.

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