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    Decapper Krones Rotomat
    Decapper Krones Rotomat

      Safely unscrewing closures

      The Rotomat is a compact machine that gently unscrews both metal and plastic screw caps. Designed as a rotary machine, the machine can be equipped with six to thirty decapping heads, and can therefore achieve maximum system outputs of 70,000 bottles/h. During a size change the decapper can quickly be converted to another bottle type.

      At a glance

      • Safe unscrewing of caps with a diameter up to 50 mm
      • Accurate rejection of caps and transportation from the machine via a blower
      • Low-wear decapping heads due to roller controlled grippers
      • Decapper segments can be used on several sides
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      Your benefits

      Design characteristics

      • All major parts are made of stainless steel AISI 304
      • Cams of hardened special steel
      • Table top with cover of stainless steel AISI 304

      Additional equipment

      • Clamping starwheels as infeed and discharge starwheels for sorting and processing different pack types without conversion
      • Sorting of foreign bottles with detection of contour, colour and residual liquid
      • Sodium-carbonate solution injection system for downstream Krones Aircontronic to detect contamination.
      • Neck-finish spraying system

      Special models

      • Design of entire machine in AISI 304
      • Double cap rejection with sorting according to metal or plastic caps
      • Decapping heads for twist-off caps
      • Block installation with delabeller and Krones Aircontronic

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