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    Krones Modulfill VFJ
    Modulfill VFJ

      Full jet filler for filling non-carbonated water in PET

      Fresh technology for a refreshing thirst-quencher

      Full jet filling

      • Electronic filling system with inductive flow meter or mass flow meter
      • Full jet filling for utmost microbiological safety
      • Infinitely variable control of the filling speed by the Krones Proportional Flow Regulator (PFR)
      • End of filling after signal from flow meter

      Field of applications

      • Filling of non-carbonated water into PET containers, both with and without conductivity


      • Up to 100,000 bottles per hour

      VFJ = Volumetric filling system, Flow meter, Full jet

      Brochure Krones filling systems for water
      1.02 MB, .pdf

      Functional principle of the valve

      Neck-handling grippers position the PET container beneath the filling valve. Once the container has been centred, the filling process starts: Thereby, the PFR valve (Proportional Flow Regulator) is opened and the product flows into the bottle at an infinitely variable speed. Once the required fill volume has been reached, the flow meter provides a signal to the PFR valve. The valve is now closed and the filling process completed. Dripping of the filling valve is prevented by a sieve in the product discharge.


      • Automatic CIP cups

      Conductivity > 20 µS/cm
      Viskosity < 10 mPa·s

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      Inductive flow meter
      PFR valve
      CIP channel and vent tube
      Product tank

      Benefits to you

      Microbiological safety

      • Contact-free filling and optimised machine design 

      High filling accuracy

      • Use of flow meters and infinitely variable flow speeds

      High availability

      • Top efficiency thanks to the combination with Krones cap feed systems

      Ease of maintenance

      • Simple maintenance and assembly of the PFR valve

      Reduced standstill times

      • High degree of automation by using automatically positioned CIP cups

      Low consumption of media

      • When using PFR valves: significant reduction of the energy demand of the machine by about 90 percent

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