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    Krones Modulfill VFS-C
    Modulfill VFS-C

      Volumetric can filler for filling beer

      • For both small and large output range 
      • 28 to 182 filling valves integrated
      • Can heights between 80 and 200 mm*

      Field of applications

      • Suitable for all beer types


      • 18,000 to 135,000 cans per hour**

      * Other can heights are possible on request
      ** Depending on the current can format
      VFS-C = Volumetric filling, Flow meter, Short tube, Can


      Brochure Krones filling systems for beer
      1.20 MB, .pdf

      The method of operation of the new filling valve

      The can is fed into the filler and positioned underneath the filling valve. The valve is pneumatically lowered onto the can for pressing-on. Thanks to a differential pressure chamber, the cans are centred and pressed onto the valve with particular care. The filling process begins immediately after flushing. An inductive flow meter monitors the fed filling quantity. The valve closes once the specified filling volume has been reached. 


      • Cleaning in a closed system using automatically positioned CIP cups
      • Parallel interior and exterior cleaning thanks to the clean room housing design
      06 - Image with Hotspots 35067
      Pressurisation channel
      Snifting channel
      Ring bowl, smaller pitch circles with central product tank
      Inductive flow meter
      Centring bell
      Snifting valve, can headspace
      Pressurisation and return gas valve
      Snifting valve, flushing
      Flushing valve
      Product stem

      Benefits to you

      Best hygiene conditions

      • Hygienic filling valve
      • Machine concept without a front table but with a consistent use of Monotec starwheel columns
      • Grease-free main bearing with automatic oil-circulating lubrication system

      Reliable filling procedure 

      • Separated gas channels for pressurisation and snifting
      • Pneumatic pressing-on and centring 
      • Flushing is performed when pressed on

      Operator convenience

      • Format-flexible pressing-on unit: several can formats can be handled without handling parts
      • Quick-change handling parts

      Promoting energy efficiency

      • Use of servo drive technology

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