Krones Robogrip
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Robogrip robotic packer and palletiser

    The all-rounder for packing and palletising

    Large operating range

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    Flexibility is one of the special features of a robot which is used for packing and palletising. In addition to packing and unpacking tasks, the Robogrip masters palletising tasks for single packs, rows or layers. With a large number of optional gripping or multifunctional tools the Robogrip is ready for any and everything. Its large operating range enables the robot to access an amply dimensioned operating surface and thus ensures utmost efficiency during packing and palletising.

    At a glance

    • Articulated-arm robot with four movement axes
    • Output up to 550 clock pulses per hour, depending on the load-bearing capacity with a standard pivoting area of 2 x 180°
    • Safe operation with a controller monitored safety system
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    Benefits to you

    Low space requirements

    Its compact design enables the Robogrip to be installed on small areas and in low halls.

    Precise and gentle product movements

    Servo motors grant exact Robogrip movements that are gentle on your products which is not only of benefit for you but also for your products.

    Wide field of application

    Packing, palletising, sorting – the robot can be used for a wide variety of most different tasks. It also safely and reliably masters exacting combined tasks.

    Individual equipment

    Many different gripping tools are available for the Robogrip. Simply configure your individual robot that will fully meet your requirements. Our Krones product specialists will gladly consult you about which solution is the best for your needs.

    Low maintenance requirement

    The Robogrip is characterised by its low maintenance requirements and its high availability. This is ensured by its maintenance-free servo drives and the low number of wear parts.

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