Krones Robogrip
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Packing and palletising robot

    The multi-functional packing and palletising robot

    The specialist who can do it all

    Nobody fools Robogrip when it comes to packing and unpacking. Whether crates, cartons, trays, kegs, bags, or individual containers – the versatile robot reliably packs and unpacks everything it can grip. But this is not all! You can also count on Robogrip when it comes to palletising and depalletising individually, in layers, or in rows. Being a multitalented system, it manages also demanding task combinations. Just test it to see for yourself – Robogrip grips it all when it comes to packing and palletising!

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    Robogrip with four axes

    1. Workspace
    1. Servo threephase motor
    1. Backlash-free cycloidal gear

    Your benefits

    Low space requirement

    Thanks to its compact size, the Robogrip can be installed on small spaces and in low halls.

    Precise and gentle movements

    Since the Robogrip is driven by servo motors its motion sequences arer precise and gentle on the product.

    Wide field of application

    Packing, palletising, and sorting – the robot can be employed for many different purposes and it also performs challenging combined tasks reliably and safely.

    Individual design

    There are many different gripping tools available for the Robogrip. Simply configure your individual robot that meets your requirements one-hundred percent. The krones product specialists will gladly consult you about which solution is the best for your needs.

    Low maintenance requirement

    The Robogrip is characterised by its low maintenance requirements and its high availability. This is made possible through maintenance-free servodrives and a low number of wear parts.

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