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    Krones Modulfill HES
    Modulfill HES

      Probe filler for filling carbonated and non-carbonated water into glass bottles

      The intelligent probe system

      • Precise determination of fill quantity with a probe
      • Perfect flow characteristics through two filling speeds
      • Turbulence-free switching between speeds thanks to diaphragm valve technology
      • Low-foam filling via swirl insert in the valve
      • Closed CIP circuit
      • Hygienic design
      • Electropneumatically controlled filling valve functions

      Field of applications

      • Filling of both carbonated and non-carbonated water into glass containers, with and without conductivity 


      • Up to 78,000 containers per hour

      HES = Height filling system, Electronic fill height measuring, Short tube

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      Brochure Krones filling systems for water
      1.02 MB, .pdf

      Functional principle of the valve

      The glass bottle is pressed on first. The filling process will start as soon as the same pressure prevails in the ring bowl and the bottle. Two different filling speeds guarantee optimum flow. The valve closes if the liquid flowing in touches the probe mounted on the filling tube. After a settling phase, the pressure in the head space of the glass bottle is reduced via a snifting valve and the filled product exits the machine. 

      Conductivity > 50 µS/cm
      Viscosity < 10 mPa·s
      Pulp ≤ 0.4 mm/proportional < 10 % 
      Fibres 1 x 5 mm/proportional < 5 %

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      Option: Automatic probe adjustment
      Ring bowl; Smaller pitch circles with central product tank
      Pressurisation channel
      Snifting channel
      Snifting valve
      Return gas and snifting valve (multi-chamber operation)
      Pressurisation and return gas valve
      Switching valve fast/slow
      Control cylinder for liquid valve

      Benefits to You

      Foamless filling

      • Use of swirl inserts at the filling valve outlet

      Maximum filling accuracy

      • Krones probe technology 
      • Turbulence-free change between two filling speeds through the use of membrane technology

      Hygienic design

      • No installed parts in the tubular ring bowl 
      • Press-on cam in drip-proof design
      • Vacuum pump integrated in the CIP circuit
      • Height-adjustable splinter washout system
      • Oil-free lift cylinders 
      • Self-draining surfaces
      • Clean pneumatic components hosing and electrical wiring

      High filling stability

      • Separation of the pressurisation channel and the snifting channel 
      • Absolutely dry pressurisation without any aerosol carry-over

      Precision and long service life

      • Use of special pneumatic components with a significantly higher life cycle than the one of conventional switching valves

      Perfect harmony between the pneumatic components and the electronic components

      • All processes 100 percent reproducible: no additional installations (e.g. pressure transducer with corresponding electronics) required

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