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    Krones Contifeed RS
    Preform roller sorter Contifeed

      Fast and secure preform infeed to the blow moulder

      Attuned to performance from the outset

      During the preform feed, the first course is set for a smooth blowing process. For this reason, the Contifeed RS system operates according to an especially efficient principle: Using the roller sorter, it gently transports the preforms well-aligned to their destination. The blow moulder benefits from this service and provides a high efficiency, even with frequent type change-overs.

      At a glance

      • Suitable for standard and lightweight preforms
      • Available in three different reel lengths to suit the blow moulder output
      • Two variants of a feed rail
      • Automatic troubleshooting 
      • Gentle preform conveyance 
      • Quick and infinitely variable adjustment to every preform type 
      • Option: system for automatic adjustment
      • Easy access to individual components for maintenance and cleaning tasks
      Brochure Krones Contifeed RS
      0.59 MB, .pdf

      The design

      Method of operation

      The Contifeed RS is infinitely adjustable and gently handles any preform size. A preform tipper dumps the supplied PET preforms into the preform hopper of the preform feed system. From there, an elevator conveys the preforms without pressure to the roller sorter via intermediate conveyors. There they are oriented by two rollers running in opposite directions and the feed rail transports them to the blow moulder. Any preforms which have not been sorted are automatically rejected and conveyed back to the dump chute.

      Length Output*
      2.5 m 42,000 preforms/h
      5.0 m 84,000 preforms/h
      6.0 m 100,000 preforms/h

      * Dependent on the weight and geometry of the preforms

      The design
      Preform hopper
      Intermediate conveyor
      Roller sorter
      Return conveyor
      Feed rail
      Control cabinet
      Operator panel

      Benefits to you

      Minimised malfunctions

      A continuous, self-regulating preform flow ensures smooth operation. In addition, there is no danger due to jammed preforms because the Contifeed RS detects and rejects them automatically.

      Minimised downtimes

      All system adjustments can be reproduced precisely. This also reduces the downtimes during neck change-over to only eight and/or six minutes for automatic change-over processes (with feed rails operating according to the principle of gravity).

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