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    Krones Sleevematic for cans
    Sleevematic for cans

      Creative and economical: a new approach towards can decoration

      Cans perfectly presented

      Sleeves, or printed films, are applied with a cling-fit to the contours of a container using thermal energy. This makes it possible to achieve all-round decoration whatever the shape of the container. Because cylindrical or contour cans make no difference – if you choose the sleeve as your type of label, there are no limits to the design options: Thanks to a wide range of printing alternatives, every container can be made to stand out.

      At a glance

      • Fantastic print quality in up to eleven colours
      • Seamless visual appeal
      • Special finishing (high-gloss silver/gold, matt coatings, metallic effect, thermochrome, integrated stickers, UV lacquer, iriodin coatings)
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      The design

      The design

      Benefits to you: sleeves

      Fast and flexible can decoration

      • Fast decoration change-overs by changing the sleeve
      • Independence from the can supplier

      Reduction in material consumption

      • Exact production qualities possible; no can waste
      • Reduced logistics, no storage of different printed cans

      Marketing advantages

      • Time-to-market: fast reaction to changes in the market and new trends
      • Maximum flexibility for decoration specification

      Production advantages

      • Cost-efficient production of small batch sizes
      • High system availability thanks to short change-over times

      Benefits to you: Sleevematic

      Labelling precision

      • Exact cutting length thanks to the servo-controlled cutting unit

      Large output range

      • With one labelling station: 3,000 to 24,000 cans per hour
      • With two labelling stations: 3,000 to 48,000 cans per hour


      • Wide range of different containers can be processed on one machine
      • Independent of the label material

      Increased efficiency

      • New, completely revised labelling station with mechanical sleeve opening and controlled cutting unit
      • Longer runtime with fewer machine stops thanks to the generous sleeve buffer with manual splicing option


      • Touch-screen with graphical operator interface
      • Operation via defined access levels


      • Machine guards with swing doors (according to CE regulations)

      Production switch

      • Motorised labelling station adjustment with quick-change opening mandrel and container guide parts

      Maintenance and cleaning

      • Optimal accessibility thanks to the compact design
      • Little cleaning required (no adhesive)
      • Robust, long-life and easy-maintenance design


      • Stainless steel (V2A) machine frame
      • Container handling parts in open design


      • Machine and labelling stations made by us "Made in Germany"
      • Certified to DIN ISO 9001, CE certificate

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