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    Krones Canmatic
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    Wrap-around labelling with pre-cut labels

      Handling precut labels

      Cost-efficient wrap-around labelling

      The Canmatic attaches pre-cut paper or film wrap-around labels to cans, bottles and jars of widely differing sizes and shapes. The principle the machine works on is simple and effective - labels are attached directly to the containers without the need for gluing pallets. The amount of hotmelt the Canmatic uses to do this is very small as the label is held in place by just two narrow lines of dispensed glue. This cost-effective method of labelling gives to perfectly labelled containers.
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      The Canmatic can be set up in different ways. Adjustment to an optimum for the particular spatial conditions is thus possible. Besides a linear arrangement, both parallel and angular arrangements are also possible.



      1. Linear arrangement
      2. Parallel arrangement
      3. Angular arrangement

      All advantages at a glance

      High labelling precision

      The containers are held exactly in place between centring bell and centring plate.

      Dependable gluing

      No elaborate control system for the gluing is required because this is a process of sustained forcing.

      Low glue consumption

      For labelling, only two narrow strips of hotmelt are required, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the label.

      High performance

      The different Canmatic versions cover all requirements for precision labelling in the range from low to maximum output.


      The Canmatic is easy to access and operate.

      Time saving

      Only short conversion times needed when changing containers and labels.

      Flexibility for the future

      The Canmatic can still be retrofitted or modified, even after many years of service.

      Method of operation


      The Canmatic system has two hotmelt gluing units.

      1. Hotmelt  gluing unit 1
      2. Label  magazine
      3. Hotmelt  gluing unit 2

      Leading and trailing-edge gluing with hotmelt for reduced glue consumption

      1. Anfangsbeleimung
      2. Endbeleimung

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