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    Contiform – Energy Saving
    Contiform – Energy Saving

      Contiform – Energy Saving: Less is definitely more

      Krones knows how crucial it is for every customer to produce as efficiently as possible – generating the highest output and at the same time lowering production costs to a moderate level. One strategy to fulfil the goal of saving costs is to diminish the amount of energy consumption. Energy is a valuable asset that should be consumed wisely, especially in times of global warming. Krones realized the potential for energy saving regarding the Contiform and created an optimal procedure in order to ensure a significant decrease of energy utilization for you.

      At a glance:

      The energy saving process

      • is able to lower your energy consumption (depending on configurations).
      • can be used for all applications like CSD, Water, Hotfill and NitroHotfill.
      • contributes to an environment-friendly production.
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      Brochure Contiform – Energy Saving
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      Contiform – Energy Saving: general process

      Contiform – Energy Saving: general process
      The main components of the energy saving process are a detailed energy consumption audit before the intervention (as-is analysisof the energy consumption), an effective process modification (achieving the optimum energy savings), a second energy consumption audit after the intervention (as-target analysis of the energy consumption) and close communication with all parties involved during the entire process. We achieve the result you desire in close cooperation with you, by providing qualified Krones personnel and the appropriate internal Krones tools for documentation.

      Contiform – Energy Saving: How it could look like

      Contiform – Energy Saving: How it could look like
      This calculation is only an example calculation and depends on customer specific factors.

      Benefits to you

      • Massive cost saving due to maximal energy consumption reduction
      • Krones expertise guarantees professional procedures with outstanding outcomes
      • Optimization of blowing process and bottle requalification conducted by experts (PET process specialists)
      • Practice-orientated improvement proposals for your production and quality control

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