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    On-site Lightweighting
    On-site Lightweighting

      On-Site Lightweighting – your awardable savings story

      Krones constantly works on new strategies and concepts to optimise its machines and lines in order to obtain the best outcome for its customers. One of those concepts is called On-Site Lightweighting and concentrates on the weight of the PET bottle.

      It is a flexible and time saving solution for optimising the weight of PET bottles in your production. Krones already worked together with well-known producers in the beverage industry and was able to adapt their bottle weights in the most profitable way. On-Site Lightweighting works best for example in combination with mathematical preform and bottle evaluation.

      At a glance:

      On-Site Lightweighting

      • is a direct “on-site” test to evaluate feasibility of preform weight reduction with existing blow moulds.
      • provides blowing process settings based on real factory environment (Contiformtype, temperature, QA, etc.) close to production conditions.
      • is suitable for all main applications: CSD, Water, Hotfill.
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      Brochure On-Site Lightweighting
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      What On-Site Lightweighting could look like

      What On-Site Lightweighting could look like
      The main components of On-Site Lightweighting are a detailed project definition and a simulation tool proposal, an effective blowing process modification with the new preform, test runs after the modification in order to make sure everything runs smoothly and close communication with all parties involved during the entire process. We achieve the result you desire in close cooperation with you, by providing qualified Krones personnel and the appropriate internal Krones tools for documentation.

      Benefits to you

      • Krones as your partner with experiences from completed On-Site Lightweighting projects
      • Feasibility evaluation preform/bottle by calculation (Krones packaging development consulting services) before intervention
      • Blowing process and bottle qualification trial conducted by PET process experts
      • Practice-oriented improvement proposals for your production and quality control
      • Progressive savings and value creation

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