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    rPET Implementation
    rPET Implementation

      A great step in the right direction

      The demand for a more environmentally friendly production in the industrial goods business has been there for quite a while now – and it is growing. Krones is providing its customers with fitting products – like this “green” solution for PET bottles.

      rPETimplementation enables you to use recycled PET preforms in your production. On top of that, you can decide how high the percentage of recycled PET should be. Krones rPETImplementation is able to handle preforms with up to 100 %* recycled material.

      At a glance:

      • on-site bottle trials with rPET preform (up to 100% recycled material)
      • tests for bottle validation
      • guaranteed blowing process consistency evaluation in production mode
      • process window range estimation is provided

      *depending on preform quality

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      Brochure rPET Implementation
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      General process of rPET Implementation

      General process of rPET Implementation
      The main components of the rPET Implementation process are a quality review of the existing bottle, an effective process modification with the new rPET preform, a first test run during the production mode making sure everything runs smoothly and there are no imperfections on the finished product, a quality monitoring ensuring a consistent quality for further production and close communication with all parties involved during the entire process. We achieve the result you desire in close cooperation withyou, by providing qualified Krones personnel and the appropriate internal Krones tools for documentation.

      Benefits for you

      • Cooperation with Krones helps you achieve attractive container designs while using rPET
      • Krones expertise in rPET Implementation with up to 100 %* recycled material.
      • Blowing Process and bottle qualification trial made by experts (PET process specialists)
      • Practice-orientated improvement proposals for your production and quality control
      • Knowledge transfer to employees

      *depending on preform quality

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