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    Cool energy for good beer
      11. December 2023

      Cool energy for good beer

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      Beer has a long tradition in Neuhaus an der Pegnitz. This is because beer has been brewed in the shadow of the medieval Veldenstein Castle since the citizens of Neuhaus were granted the right to brew in 1522. The Kaiser Bräu brewery has also been part of this history for over 90 years. Originally founded as a communal brewery, it was entered in the commercial register as a commercial brewery in 1929. 

      Since then, not only the output has multiplied. In addition to its own brands Kaiser Bräu and Veldensteiner, the brewery also carries out contract bottling for other breweries. The delivery area has also expanded considerably in recent years. The beer is not only enjoyed by connoisseurs in the region, but is now also exported to Italy, China and the USA. A success that is no coincidence. "The basis of our success is, of course, our beer. But nowadays it is no longer enough to produce a good quality and flavourful Pilsner. You have to move with the times. People's expectations have simply changed in recent years," explains Stefan Benaburger, master brewer at Kaiser Bräu GmbH & Co. KG. This is why the brewery also offers unusual beers. "These are either based on new recipes, such as our Hawaiian Style Pale Ale, or on old recipes, such as our Historic Spelt Beer."

      Another success factor for Stefan Benaburger is the use of state-of-the-art brewing and production technology. In recent years, a galvanised evaporative cooling system with a radial design was used for recooling the refrigeration system. Due to its age and design, the energy required for operation was no longer up to date. Added to this was the failure of a radial stage and the possibility of receiving a subsidy from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control for the replacement of existing refrigeration and air conditioning systems with resource- and energy-saving versions. 

      The decision in favour of a replacement and also in favour of a supplier was quickly made: In future, a Krones VapoChill will efficiently generate the required cooling energy.  

      Krones' extensive expertise in thermal processes has been incorporated into the development of the VapoChill. The result is a particularly space-saving operating principle: the process water loses its heat in contact with the ambient air. Part of the water evaporates, whereby energy is extracted from the remaining water and it is cooled down. This concept of the open evaporative cooling tower enables a high energy yield on a small footprint. 

      The hygienic design of the VapoChill was also important for Kaiser Bräu: the asymmetrically sloped tray of the cooling tower, which is made entirely of stainless steel, ensures that no water can accumulate and guarantees that the tray empties to the lowest point.

      Energy-saving and efficient: the fan

      In addition to high beer quality, the issue of sustainability is also very important to Kaiser Bräu.  "In order to be able to offer good beer with a clear conscience, we attach great importance to resource conservation and energy efficiency in our production. The particularly efficient fan was therefore another major plus point for us when selecting the cooling tower," explains Stefan Benaburger. 

      The EC motors of the fans are characterised by a high degree of efficiency and offer up to 30 percent less energy consumption in full load operation. As brushless motors, they also enable maintenance-free operation. The fans are infinitely variable so that the desired cooling temperature can be precisely maintained. This also contributes to energy efficiency, as unnecessary cooling is avoided.   

      Thanks to the integrated modular design in series production at the Flensburg plant, the VapoChill could be produced in just 8 weeks and delivered very quickly to the Neuhaus an der Pegnitz site thanks to a customised delivery concept.

      Thanks to the coordinated delivery and dismantling of the existing cooling tower, the replacement was successfully completed in just one day.

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