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    Local champion with a fresh vision of the future
      07. November 2023

      Local champion with a fresh vision of the future

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      Approximately four years ago, Krones installed the first production line at the new plant of the Nigerian Mamuda Group. Even prior to the completion of this first installation, the beverage producer ordered further lines. And in 2022, marking a significant milestone of one year of production and in response to escalating demand, Mamuda ordered an additional line, which is slated for commissioning in January 2024.

      The latest lines are equipped with the new Modulfill VFS-M filler with PFR valves and an integrated mixer. This machine not only reduces filling times and air consumption, but it also has a smaller footprint, all of which helps to save costs. Moreover, its infinitely adjustable PFR valves optimise product quality because they enable the flow rate to be precisely matched to the beverage being filled. This means that foaming losses caused by fast filling, or valuable seconds lost by filling too slowly are now things of the past. Furthermore, both filling lines use skip-and-run technology, which monitors the mould-hanger locking device and allows defective preforms to be ejected without triggering an emergency stop of the entire machine. This makes for a consistently high filling speed and considerably reduces the scrap rate of preforms, thus saving the company in operating costs. 

      A well-functioning team

      One of the new lines was successfully acceptance-tested in June and fills soft drinks into 350- and 600-millilitre PET bottles. Meticulous planning by both Mamuda and Krones West Africa teams ensured that the installation was completed on time: “We had a tight timeframe, only about four weeks. The team from Krones West Africa did an excellent job”, says Hassan Hammoud, Chairman and CEO of Mamuda Group, and adds: “Installing an additional line together was yet another great experience. Each time we join forces to complete a project, we coordinate our efforts to even better result.”

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