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    For those about to brew
    Craft brewing solutions for the North American market
    Craft brewing solutions for the North American market

      Wide portfolio from Krones and Sprinkman

      No matter if it’s in brew pubs, restaurants or the shelves in the supermarkets, you couldn’t imagine the North American beer market without craft beer. But craft and creativity don’t just apply to beer. What are known as adult alternative beverages are increasing in popularity – not least among brewers. The addition of a wide range of additives, however, means that innovative alcoholic beverages make particular demands on the production facilities of their producers.

      Whether you have a small operation just starting out or a large, well-established brewing operation, you are in good hands with the House of Krones. For the North American market, Krones together with its subsidiary W.M. Sprinkman has positioned itself in a way that we have the ideal solutions for beer production, can filling and labeling, and of course for craft brewers as well.

      Process technology for limitless product diversity

      It is not only the number of beer styles that is constantly rising: adult alternative beverages are continuing to expand the bandwidth of creative drinks. Our portfolio includes process technology solutions that get the very best out of every beverage. For that reason, Krones is offering solutions for those brewers who do not want to make compromises on quality despite the smaller production volumes.

      Krones LitePac – Saving plastics: more important than ever before

      When it comes to reducing the use of materials, we mostly think of the beverages containers first. But if we take a closer look, we can see that there is also plenty of savings potential with secondary packagings. LitePac Top stands for a new packaging solution comprising a bottle carrier and possibly other pack protection, such as a strap.

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      At a glance:

      The sustainable LitePac Top secondary packaging

      • Suitable for non-returnable PET bottles and cans.
      • Offers a sustainable alternative to film packs.
      • Combines minimal use of materials with great user friendliness.
      • Depending on their area of use, they can be manufactured from recycled materials – and, after use, can be recycled themselves.

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      Quality down to the smallest detail: Valves, pumps and tank safety systems

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