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    Energy and media savings
    Holistic sustainability advice
    Holistic sustainability advice

      Enter new ways for saving reserves!

      Your way to an energy-efficient production

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      Our many years of experience in the beverage industry have taught us one thing: In almost every company, there are hidden saving potentials which are just waiting for to be found. The Krones energy consultancy makes exactly these reserves usable for you in a systematic and effective way.

      At a glance

      • Analysis of energy and media consumption
      • Identification of savings potentials
      • Sustainable reduction of the demand and therefore also the costs
      • Objective recommendations for machines, lines, supply equipment and factories
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      Brochure Holistic sustainability advice
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      One company –endless options

      Which adjustments are worthy to be made? Many! Because, those, who consider the entire value will discover approaches for optimisation. Depending on the location and the savings target, these approaches can comprise very different measures such as:

      • Integration of water recycling systems
      • Synergetic combination of heat sources and heat sinks like, for example, heat pump technology or free cooling
      • Variety of cooling and heating technologies that are individually tuned to the processes
      • Use of a power-heat-coupling such as a combined heat and power plant
      • Inclusion of regenerative energies like photovoltaics or solar heat depending on the local climatic conditions
      • Dimensioning of the energy and media supply as needed
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      Heat pump
      Cooling tower
      EquiTherm Freeze
      Energy storage unit
      Ground water cooling

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