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    Connected Line
    Connected Line

      The digital world for filling of the future

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      In order to be able to make reliable statements about the future state of production or upcoming maintenance, the necessary data must first be collected and made available in the cloud. And this can only be achieved through close cooperation between plant manufacturers and beverage producers.

      This is precisely the leverage point for the Connected Line concept. The solution provides line operators with valuable information about machine states, stoppages and their causes, trends and opportunities for optimisation along the entire value chain. Connected Line stores all these data in the cloud, making them accessible to all parties at all times. The advantage is obvious. The better the communication between machines, processes and employees, the more efficiently production can be run. However, it is not only beverage and food producers who benefit from this, Krones is also in the position to offer even more extensive services. Thanks to reliable data and key figures, commissioning can be carried out more efficiently. Also, it will be possible to schedule maintenance in advance, for example, and generate spare parts requirement forecasts over the entire lifecycle of the line.

      The technical components of Connected Line are developed and supplied by Syskron, the IT specialists in the Krones Group.

      What does Connected Line consist of?

      From the operator to the management, there are different roles in a company - and each has its own requirements. In order to obtain the information required in each case, the way to this used to lead directly to the plant or the respective machine. With Connected Line, Syskron now offers an IoT platform (Internet of Things) that can be used to map all line and process data as well as information from outside. The system networks all machines and systems of a line and provides exactly the information required by the respective user.

      Basically, Connected Line is composed of up to three components which can be configured to an individual solution for each customer.