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Ergonomic model series

    Ergonomic model series

    So - whoever wants to have the utmost flexibility during labelling, goes with the new Ergonomic model series from Krones. Thanks to fixed or exchangeable labelling stations, various labelling modes can be combined as required on a basic machine.

    The Ergomodul is the all-rounder among the labellers of the EM series. Its concept is based on exchangeable labelling stations – which enables docking of cold glue, self-adhesive and hotmelt labelling stations within minimum periods of time.

    Due to the modular system, the basic machine can also be equipped with fixed labelling stations. Depending on the required labelling process, the following machines are available:

    • Cold glue labelling: Ergomatic Pro
    • Self-adhesive labelling: Autocol Pro
    • Pre-cut label application with hotmelt: Canmatic Pro

    And as flexibility is top priority in the EM series, the Pro models also enable all kinds of variations. Docking stations can easily be retrofitted – to convert a labeller with fixed labelling stations to an Ergomodul. A clever principle which allows for all options in the future.

    Ergomatic Pro

    Ergomatic Pro

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