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    Krones Ergomodul
    Krones Ergomodul

      Ready for anything: the ergonomic labelling machine with interchangeable labelling stations

      The all-round labeller

      The EM series from the Krones labelling systems offers the perfect machine for every application. It offers three main machines, six table diameters, seven labelling station types – and it offers numerous options for combining the individual elements with each other. The Ergomodulis its technological spearhead: A lean, highly efficient machine for ultraflexibleapplications.

      At a glance

      • High-tech model of the Krones EM-series
      • Columnlessmachine with exchangeable labelling stations
      • Labelling method and speed:
        • Pre-cut labels with cold glue up to 72,000 containers per hour
        • Pre-cut labels with hotmelt up to 72,000 containers per hour
        • Reel-fed labels with hotmelt up to 100,000 containers per hour
        • Self-adhesive reel-fed labels up to 60,000 containers per hour

      EM = Ergonomic Model

      Brochure Krones Ergomodul
      1.03 MB, .pdf

      The EM-series: All models at a glance


      Pre-cut label application with cold glue

      Reel-fed labelling with hotmelt

      Pre-cut label application with hotmelt

      Reel-fed labelling with self-adhesive labels

      Machine with table top

      Ergomatic Contiroll Canmatic Autocol

      Columnless machine with fixed labelling stations

      Ergomatic Pro



      Autocol Pro

      Columnless machine with interchangeable labelling stations


      Technical features

        Features Advantage


      • Table top and machine support made of stainless steel
      • Container table made of aluminium
      • Option: Container table in stainless steel design
      • Rigid design, easy maintenance and long service life


      • Slim main machine
      • Significantly reduced footprint in comparison to other labellers
      • Ease of installation – particularly when replacing existing machines
      • Ease of transport and ingress 
      • Can be easily integrated in all kinds of different lines and hall designs

      Servo drives use throughout all applications

      • Main drive
      • Infeed and discharge starwheels
      • Infeed worm
      • No lubrication required
      • Reduced noise
      • High energy efficiency
      • No stop starwheel required and therefore fewer handling parts and shorter change-over times
      • Increased efficiency through increased coupling speed
      • Prepared for condition monitoring
      • Electronic overload clutch through torque limiting

      Machine design

      • Newly designed machine layout with columnless machine guards on the carrousel
        • Ergonomic replacement of the brushing-on unit, container plate and centring bells
      • Lift-guard with integrated safety switches
      • Stand-alone labelling stations
        • Optimal accessibility from three sides
      • Hygienic design
        • Optimal cleaning properties

      Reducer complexity as a red thread:

      • Top ergonomic design
      • Ease of operation


      • Optimal accessibility thanks to height-adjustable pivoting arm
      • One single operator panel for the main machine, labelling stations and all PLCs
        • Central saving of all parameters
        • Omission of double infeed avoids faults

      Bottle plate control

      • Separately-driven servo motors
      • All components are UL certified
      • Separate supply ensures easy restart after an EMERGENCY STOP
      • Well-arranged visualisation system on the touch-screen
      • Processing of subcams possible
      • Prepared for condition monitoring
      • Complete diagnostic capability thanks to new bus system
      • Replacement of the motors according to the "plug-and-play" principle
      • Drive technology of the latest generation
      • Significant reduction of the maintenance-relevant downtimes
      • Certified safety
      • Easy operation

      Labelling stations

      • Changeable labelling stations
      • Connection according to the "plug-and-label" principle
      • Automatic connection of the supply lines for air, water, power and data
      • Integrated motorised height adjustment system
      • Version in hygienic design
      • Maximum flexibility: all labelling methods possible on one and the same machine
      • Short change-over times
      • Elimination of operating faults
      • Optimal cleaning properties
      • No handling parts required for the height adjustment




      Labelling stations: All models at a glance

      Labelling station for pre-cut labels with cold glue

      Technical features and benefits

      • Hygienic design
        • Optimal cleaning properties
      • Polygon holders for glue roller, pallets and gripper cylinders
        • High-precision labelling
      • All parameters saved in the operator program
        • Exactly reproducible settings


      • Stainless steel labelling housing
      • Automatic magazine loading system

      Labelling stations for reel-fed labelling with hotmelt – high output range

      Technical features and benefits

      • Hygienic design
        • Optimal cleaning properties
      • Light-weight vacuum-grip cylinder
      • Optimum accessibility
      • Reduced change-over time by up to 20 percent
      • Newly developed gluing unit
        • Absolute control over the glue application
        • Reduced heat-up phase by up to 20 percent
        • Reduced energy consumption by up to 15 percent
      • Automatic reel splicing unit
      • Electronic cutting unit
        • Guaranteed cutter replacement not required earlier than after 120 million cuts
        • Necessary time for cutter replacement: 1 minute – without service personnel
      • Overlap correction possible during production


      • Unit for the detection of splicing points
      • Antistatic equipment
      • Label extractio
      • Glue fume extraction system

      Labelling station for pre-cut labels with hotmelt

      Technical features and benefits

      • Overlap correction possible during production
      • Robust technology for leading-edge gluing and trailing-edge gluing
        • Output: up to 72,000 containers per hour


      • Hotmelt spraying system
        • Contact-free glue application
        • Closed glue system
        • Glue consumption reduced by 50 percent

      Labelling stations for self-adhesive labelling – low and medium output range

      Technical features and benefits

      • Outputs of up to 60 meters per minute
      • Operation without any pneumatic components
        • Reduced consumption costs
      • Ultrasonic sensor independent from the materials
        • Precise label position
      • Four-axes adjustment
      • Adjustment indicators for all installation possibilities
      • Simple film guidance and driven roller
      • Hybrid roller technology for supplying the label film
        • Flexible applications for thick, thin and multi-layered labels
        • Compact design
        • Top accessibility
        • Ideally suited as an additional labelling station


      • AUTO-change: DUAL variant with both applicators on one modular labelling station
      00 - Article Item 33768

      Autocol CL and Autocol CL DUAL

      Labelling stations for self-adhesive labelling – high output range

      Technical features and benefits

      • Outputs of up to 200 meters per minute
      • Ultrasonic sensor independent from the materials
        • präzise Etikettenposition
      • Four-axes adjustment
      • Adjustment indicators for all installation possibilities
      • All parameters integrated in the central operator touch-screen program
        • Easy reproducibility of the adjustments
      • Feed and tension roller technology with contact-free label buffer system
        • Highest precisions at the application wedge
        • Processing of even ultra-thin labels
      • Two reel holders
        • Best operating comfort


      • Automatic splicing
      • Five/six-axis adjustment
      • Separately driven rewinder

      Benefits to you

      Custom-fit technology

      The Ergomodul can be equipped with various labelling techniques, labelling station types and optional packages. Simply pick your suitable elements and create your individual machine.

      Technology from a single source

      Everything fits together here: Right from the start, the complete EM series was designed as a homogeneous product series. Disregarding of how you will configure your machine – the individual components will always seamlessly fit into each other and push each other to the highest performance.

      Efficiency as a red thread

      How can you perform a lot with little input? The new Krones labellers will show you exactly how that works. Regardless of whether talking about the spare parts management, the footprint, the operator effort or the energy consumption: This complex series has been designed for the maximum efficiency up to the smallest detail.

      Investment for the future

      The EM series comprises all the know-how of more than 70 years of Krones development. The result? An advanced machine series which particularly provides you with the following: the certainty to be equipped for any challenge of the future.

      This is why the Ergomodulis enviro-classified:

      • Use of servo motors of the efficiency class IE4 or similar
      • No drive train lubrication required
      • Always use of food-grade lubricants
      • Media measuring package and optional energy measuring package
      • Significantly reduced noise level
      • Safety standards according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 EG
      • Consideration of the 2006/95/EG and EU-EMV Directives (2004/108/EG)
      • Design according to::
        • EN ISO 12100
        • EN ISO 13849-1
        • EN 60204-1
        • EN 61000-6-2
        • EN 61000-6-4
        • EN 13849
        • EN 62061

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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