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    Krones Contiform Bloc
    Contiform Bloc block of stretch blow moulder and further machines

      Sustainable and efficient production of PET bottles

      Bringing together what belongs together

      Blow moulder and filler in an effective team. And that is the reason why we have perfected the popular combination of both machines even further in a single block. With a seamless drive concept, finely tuned transfer interfaces for every production program and precisely operating processes in stop situations, you can count on getting the very best out of your PET bottle line.

      At a glance

      • Processes 8,000 to 84,000 bottles per hour
      • Produces non-returnable PET containers with a volume of up to 3.5 litres
      • Fills water, soft drinks, food oil, beer, wine and ketchup
      • Masters hot and cold filling processes
      • Processes round, square and rectangular containers and lightweight bottles

      The block components

      • Contiform 3 Speed stretch blow moulder
        • Up to 2,750 containers per hour output per blowing station
        • Economical consumption of compressed air
        • Reduced energy consumption thanks to an efficient infrared heating oven 
      • Modulfill filler
        • Hygienic design
        • Filling valves and valve surroundings in a design which is gentle on the product
        • Lifting units for PET bottles in neck-handling mode without lift cylinder
        • Precision drive technology with systematic use of servo drives without mechanical drive components
      • Capper and cap feed units by Krones

      Your benefits as compared to a conventional line layout

      Efficient production on minimum space

      The Contiform Bloc requires up to 30 % less space than a blow moulder and filler installed in a conventional single machine arrangement. The compact line layout ensures also less potential malfunction sources within the line.

      Sustainable block concept

      The direct combination of individual machines into a block pays off twice: An air conveyor system for the blow-moulded containers, a bottle rinser or conveyor sections are no longer required, which, in turn, results in a reduced consumption of water, compressed air and energy in the complete line.

      High hygienic standard

      Having only a few interfaces and conveyor sections are key factors in achieving a high degree of cleanliness for the bottle material. The direct transfer of the bottles from the stretch blow moulder to the filler and capper prevents dirt being brought in.

      Low operator requirement

      The Contiform Bloc offers a good overview, short paths and a standardised operating concept. It also requires little change-over work and has an optimised maintenance program thanks to the use of servo technology.

      Efficient and flexible line concept

      With the Contiform Bloc, you are optimally prepared for bottle or product change-overs. It allows both, line change-over and restart in a quick and reproducible way.

      Brochure Krones Contiform Bloc
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      Beverage containers made from rPET

      Beverage containers made from rPET

      Material properties, processability, food grade quality: you can find all kinds of interesting facts about the use of recycled PET in our free white paper.

      The facts:
      everything you need to know about rPET

      You can be curious: The fourth generation of the Contiform is already in the starting blocks.

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