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    Krones Modulfill Bloc FS-C
    Can filler-seamer block Modulfill Bloc FS-C

      Can filler and seamer from a single source

      Also available with a small clean room

      With the Modulfill Bloc FS-C, Krones is expanding its expertise in can filling. The block solution contains an accumulation of Krones know-how combined with the latest technology. The tried and tested Modulfill VFS-C can filler is block-synchronised with Krones’ own Modulseam can seamer.

      For sensitive beverages, such as teas and juices, the Modulfill Bloc FS-C is also available with a small clean room if requested. It does not only score in matters of hygiene, but also requires substantially less space than conventional arrangements.

      At a glance

      • Block solution comprising can filler and seamer
      • Fills and caps up to 135,000 cans per hour*
      • Processes beer, carbonated soft drinks, water, juice (hot filling) and non-carbonated beverages
      • Common operator interface and controller
      • Is optionally available with a small clean room
        • Improved standard of hygiene
        • Low production costs and TCO

      FS-C: Filling Seaming Can | *Depending on the current can format, only with third-party filler

      Brochure Krones Modulfill Bloc FS-C
      Brochure Krones Modulfill Bloc FS-C
      1.06 MB, .pdf

      Structure in standard design

      Structure in standard design
      Machine guards for easy access to the can conveyor
      Krones nozzle system for foam cleaning (optional)
      Volumetric can filler with filling valve control without lifting cam
      Oil-lubricated rotary joint
      100 percent servo drive technology
      Hygienically designed filler carrousel and infeed module construction
      Quick-change handling parts at the infeed and in the carrousel (optional)
      Krones operator panel in touch-screen design
      Hygienic Krones capper with inclined table

      Design with compact clean room

      Abtrennung des Produktbereichs

      Ventilation system

      Drive area
      Product area
      Media supply
      Ventilation system

      Benefits to you – with and without compact clean room

      Product quality

      The volumetric filling valve with inductive flow meter ensures the highest accuracy during filling – and keeps the product quality high. Low oxygen values combined with a 40 percent lower CO₂ consumption ensure that the product quality is high while the media consumption remains low.

      Ease of operation

      The machines in the block share a joint control panel and the controller.

      Quick change-over

      Best equipped, even for type and format change-overs: the height adjustment is fully automatic, and quick-change handling parts keep change-over times short, while the combined centring bell can even be used for multiple can formats.

      Easy to clean

      The entire block has a hygienic design without table top in its standard version and, if required, can be directly connected to Krones CIP and foam-cleaning systems. In the variant with compact clean room, the exterior and interior cleaning are executed simultaneously.

      High energy saving

      A 30 percent energy saving (compared to conventional drive concepts) can be achieved thanks to the use of servo technology.

      Everything from a single source

      With its Modulfill Bloc FS-C Krones is offering its first ever block solution for the filling and sealing of cans.

      The Modulfill VFS-C enviro stands for the following

      Energy efficiency

      • Use of the latest PM drives and pumps
      • Air dryer with dew-point control (if required)

      Media efficiency

      • Reduced CO2 consumption
      • Minimised water consumption

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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