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    Krones Ergomatic for cold glue labelling
    Krones Ergomatic for cold glue labelling

      High flexibility for cold glue labelling

      When it comes to decorating containers with cold glue and cut paper labels, the Ergomatic system has been setting the benchmark for many years now. The machine has been designed as rotary machine and is equipped with a precisely operating labelling station. In terms of efficiency, accuracy and speed, the Ergomatic is absolutely unrivalled.

      At a glance

      • Cold glue labelling on round and specially shaped containers
      • Precise container positioning with centring bells and centring plates
      • High-speed access to the user interface through individual transponders
      • Remote maintenance is available as an option
      Download brochure Krones Cold-glue labellers
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      Benefits to you

      High labelling precision

      Fixing the containers between the centring bell and centring plates guarantees high-precision container decoration.

      Flexible application

      Ergomatic can process a wide range of different labels.

      Wide performance spectrum

      The machine covers the full range – from the low output range to the highest.

      User friendliness

      The Ergomatic offers easy access and is very user-friendly to operate.

      Time savings

      Only short change-over times needed when changing container or label type.

      Reduced workload for operators

      The optionally available automatic magazine loading system reduces the workload for operators during production.


      It will still be possible to update and convert the Ergomatic system after many years of service.

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