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    Krones Linajet Plus
    Linajet Plus

      Longer treatment times for an even greater cleaning effect

      Crate washer for the premium range

      Do you produce beverages for the premium sector? Do you attach great importance to the presentation of your products at the point of sale - and of course not only for the containers but also for the crates? Then the Linajet Plus is worth a look for you. Because it combines the proven advantages of the standard Linajet crate washer and even tops it: With three treatment zones on three levels, it ensures a significantly longer treatment time - and thus even more thorough cleaning of the crates.

      At a glance:

      • Premium crate washer on three levels (pre-treatment, main treatment and post-treatment).
      • Reliably removes even heavy contamination from the crates
      • Output range: Single-lane up to 3,600* crates per hour

      * Referring to measurements of 400 x 300 mm

      Brochure Krones Linajet Plus
      0.63 MB, .pdf

      The Linajet Plus at a glance

      The Linajet Plus at a glance

      Downstream of the immersion bath: Flushing system with debris removal unit

      Large doors for easy access for maintenance and repairs

      Longer post-treatment times due to integration of the second crate turning unit in the pack conveyor

      Width-adjustable high-pressure jetting unit for optimal cleaning performance

      Pumps and fittings in the technical section

      Optional Boll filter

      Control cabinet supplied from the factory completely cabled and equipped with servo drive technology

      Equipment options

      Included by standard

      • Debris removal unit (automatic sieving conveyor with spraying system in the immersion bath)
      • Crate flushing after the first gripper with additional debris removal unit
      • Interior lighting (can be switched ON via touch-screen)
      • Automatic tank filling and emptying
      • Pressure and temperature measurement (display via touch-screen)
      • Drive system (rubberised flat-top chain, frequency-controlled servo drive)
      • Visualisation system (21” VisiWin touch-screen with ASi Safety)


      • Heating system for caustic (in immersion bath) and fume extraction system
      • Housing insulation in the area of the immersion bath
      • Internal crate turning unit for crate treatment on both sides (second crate turning integrated in the pack conveyor)
      • High-pressure jetting system (25 to 30 bar jetting pressure, incl. pre-filtration and manual adjustment of the jetting system)
      • Two-sided brushing unit
      • Dosing unit incl. conductivity control
      • Caustic filtration – bypass filtration of the main jetting system
      • Width adjustment of the crate guide via crank/drive
      • Blower: External with water return
      • Consumption metering (fresh water, heating medium, power, air, chemicals)
      • enviro option for increased energy and media saving

      Standard crate washer and premium crate washer in comparison

      Feature Standard: Linajet Premium: Linajet Plus


      Treatment time*

      18 seconds (KGW 750-E) 48 seconds (TBW 810)



      Flushing and immersion

      Jetting pressure

      5 bar

      5 bar, optional 25 – 30 bar
      Mechanical treatment None Brushes
      Chemical treatment

      Optional dosing

      Dosing in the immersion bath
      Width adjustment system With crank For gripper and lateral crate guide:  
      with crank

      * With 3,600 crates/hour, crate size of 400 x 300 mm

      Benefits to you

      Automatic debris remova

      Sand and other coarse dirt residues are conveyed via a flow channel to the end of the machine and removed. This way, continuous operation is possible even in cases of high contamination.

      Longer post-treatment zone

      In the Linajet Plus, the second crate turning unit has been relocated enabling the post-treatment zone to be extended by 1.5. metres. This increases the rinsing duration – resulting in an even better post-treatment rinsing effect.

      Less susceptible to faults

      Revisions to the gripper conveyor, the relocated crate turning unit, servo drive technology and the use of a multi-stage centrifugal pump for high-pressure jetting reduce the system’s susceptibility to faults and ensure smooth operation.

      Improved cleaning performance

      Three treatment zones plus targeted adaptive high-pressure jetting and other treatment methods ensure that even heavy contamination can be reliably removed.

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