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    Krones Linajet
    Crate washer

      The first impression is what counts

      The crate washer with adaptive jetting unit system

      What's important at the point of sale: Dirty plastic crates significantly reduce the success of sale. With the Krones Linajet crate washer, you can put your products into the true light right from the start. The robust Washaholic cleans beverage crates thoroughly and gently. The Linajet scores with a modular design and improved washing performance even with different crate sizes.

      At a glance:

      • Available in 5 sizes: 375-E, 500-E, 625-E, 750-E and 875-E
      • Output range: Up to 4,500* packs/h for single-lane operation
      • Gentle on resources through the interface with the bottle washer
      • Heating and external crate blowing optionally available

      * Based on the dimensions 400 x 300 mm, long-side leading

      Brochure Krones Linajet
      0.57 MB, .pdf

      All innovations at a glance

      All innovations at a glance
      Adaptive high-pressure injection system: Consistent jetting distance for different crate widths
      Control cabinet mounted on the machine and cable-connected. Optional: Control cabinet and platform on the pump side for better access at both sides
      Optional: Fume extraction system at the infeed and discharge to reduce emitted vapours
      All labelling stations (heating, valves, measuring technology and pumps) accessible from a central position
      Increased tank volume for a lower polluting load percentage; optionally available with an integrated sand separation function

      Standard crate washer and premium crate washer in comparison

      Feature Standard: Linajet Premium: Linajet Plus


      Treatment time*

      18 seconds (KGW 750-E) 48 seconds (TBW 810)



      Flushing and immersion

      Jetting pressure

      5 bar

      5 bar, optional 25 – 30 bar
      Mechanical treatment None Brushes
      Chemical treatment

      Optional dosing

      Dosing in the immersion bath
      Width adjustment system With crank For gripper and lateral crate guide:  
      with crank

      * With 3,600 crates/hour, crate size of 400 x 300 mm

      Benefits to you

      Always optimal cleaning results

      You process different crate sizes and would still like to have an optimum cleaning result? Then the width-adaptive high-pressure injection system is exactly what you need. The optional equipment ensures that the spraying distance can be adjusted to suit the respective crate width – thus guaranteeing a consistently positive spraying pattern.

      • 60% more cleaning intensity

      Easy change-over

      To make the change-over to other crate widths as quick and easy as possible, the spindle drive needed for this in the Linajet is located at a central position in the machine exterior area (optional equipment).

      • 90 percent less change-over work (without spindle drive: 30 %)
      • Up to 70 percent less troubleshooting (without spindle drive: 35 %)

      Extension of the treatment duration

      Thanks to different optional equipment modules, the treatment time can be extended on request in order to improve the cleaning result even more.

      • 18 % longer treatment

      Ease of access

      If the operator occasionally has to work on the machine personally, this can be done quickly and straightforwardly: Doors attached to both sides offer easy access to the interior, manholes are integrated in the tank area and access from above is possible thanks to movable guide plates. The crates can also be easily removed.

      • 50 % less cleaning required

      Modern operating concept

      In the Linajet the new Connected HMI is integrated – and offers a new touch-screen. This means that all of the operating data is available at a glance.

      Percentages: Potential for improvement compared to the predecessor model

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