Krones Linajet

Clean packs for optimum brand presence

High visual appeal with hygienically flawless packs

The following goes for the point of sale: If the first impression is not good, the chance has been missed. And: dirty packs significantly reduce the sales success. With the Krones Linajet crate washer you can put your products into the right perspective. The robust Washaholic cleans beverage crates, food trays, and other plastic packs thoroughly and gently. This is provided by the efficient gushing principle: Going by the motto “Taking a shower is better than taking a bath”, the packs are showered allaround in stead of being submerged. This way, dirt is not only soaked but completely removed.

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All advantages at a glance

Perfect product appearance

The Krones Linajet ensures your product to be in best possible appearance at the point of sale.

Freedom to combine

The cleaning system of modular design comprises different elements which can be combined freely. The Krones product specialists can create your individually designed crate washer suitable for your space and cleaning requirements.

Thorough cleaning, gentle treatment

The ”Shower in stead of bath“ principle stands for a highly efficient cleaning method which results in excellent cleaning. Above all do the spraying nozzles work extremely gentle, so that neither colour is coming off nor damages are created on the packs.

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