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Modular labellers

    Labelling with highest flexibility

    Multi-talented systems

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    The Krones modular labellers are mutli-talented, because they are suitable for labelling with cold-glue, hot-glue and self-labels just alike. The universal labelling machine is of modular design and can be configured from individual assemblies. The cold-glue and hotmelt labelling stations or the self-adhesive label applicators can be connected to the main machine as required. When changing the labelling process, the Plug & Label® labelling stations can be replaced easily. It is also possible to use the cold-glue and self-adhesive labelling stations simultaneously or to change the labelling type after any time.

    The modular labelling machines are available in different building types covering all output ranges. The machine‘s compact design safes space and make it easily accessible from all sides. The machine concept provides a significant increase of efficiency and drastically reduces costs, particularly in terms of frequent decoration change-overs.

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    Your benefits


    Four different labelling systems can be employed in any combina - tion on one machine.

    Space saving

    The machines require very lit - tle space because labelling sta - tions not needed are replaced, and because there is no need for a table plate.


    The machines are easily accessi - ble for maintenance purposes and they can be operated comfortably via the central touch-screen. 


    Thanks to servomotor-controlled container plates, the containers are individually turned according to the design, and the brushing-on sections are used optimally.

    Quick start-up

    The modular machine design facil - itates positioning in the bottling and packaging line, and it enables especially fast start-up. 

    System-based saving effects

    Labelling stations for special deco - rations can be used alternating on several modular labellers.

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