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    Krones Varioline
    Varioline packaging line

      Maximum flexibility for secondary and tertiary packagings

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      The infinitely variable packaging line: Krones Varioline. This flexible system processes more than 20 packaging combinations in one machine and therefore it meets the demands of the beverage and food producers with regards to a versatile and individual production. Since 2012, there are now more than 70 Varioline machines successfully in use worldwide.*

      At a glance:

      • Top priorities: Definition of the packaging requirements
      • Modular machine configuration based on the desired packaging formats
      • Modular concept with three variants:
        - Module for processing multipacks
        - Module for processing carton sleeves and trays
        - Universally usable module for different functions
      • Combined processing of non-returnable and returnable packs
      • Output of up to 100,000 containers per hour – depending on the packaging type

      * As of 12/2019

      Varioline packaging line
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      The combination of different packaging types on the Varioline seems to have not limits set.


      Benefits to you

      Combination of secondary and tertiary packagings

      The Varioline combines up to six machines and it combines different returnable and non-returnable packaging variants.

      Modular design

      We will already define the possible packaging combinations with you beforehand. This way, you will get exactly that machine from our modular Varioline component system that is tailored to your needs.

      Continuous container infeed 

      The stress on the product is significantly reduced due to the synchronous movement of the gripper system and the container flow. Thanks to its continuous movement, the infeed system enables processing of soft and glass containers without any pressure and gaps.

      Everything from a single source

      Krones develops and manufactures all components integrated in the packaging line. This way, all modules and components operate without any interfaces. The machine is also ideally customised for use in the dry end.

      More than 70 references

      The Varioline is available on the marked since 2012 with great success: More than 70* customers use the Varioline for packaging.

      * As of: 12/2019

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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