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Self-adhesive labelling

    Flexibility with pressure-sensitive labels

    Consistently high-quality container dress

    Self-adhesive labels are a winning product thanks to their adaptability and advantageous features – they are sturdy, elastic, and water and slipresistant. In many sectors, they are the product of choice for high-quality and long-lasting container marking. Autocol applies self-adhesive labels to containers with constantly high precision, even where the situation calls for very high rates of output. At the same time, the machine is designed so flexibly that it can be adjusted to a wide range of container sizes and shapes.
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    Your benefits

    High-precision labelling

    Both large and ultra-small labels are applied with great precision.

    High performance

    The different Autocol designs allow for precise labelling from the low to the highest output range.


    The Autocol is easily accessible and comfortable to use.

    Relieves pressure on operators

    An additionally-available device can provide for automatic splicing of the label carrier film during the reel change-over.

    Flexibility for the future

    The Autocol can still be retrofitted or converted, even after many years of service.


    Labelling of glass, plastic, metal and ceramic containers with self-adhesive labels

    Application Image


    1. Infeed worm
    2. Infeed starwheel
    3. APS 3 Label Applicator
    4. Container table
    5. Discharge starwheel
    6. Control cabinet with operator terminal

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