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Wrap-around, reel-fed labelling

    Bottle dress in a wrap-around concept

    High-precision, high-performance labelling for a broad spectrum of containers

    When it comes to decorating containers with wrap-around, reel-fed labels, the Contiroll has been setting the benchmark for many years now – and this all around the globe. The machine has a rotary design with a precisely-operating labelling station which cuts film or paper labels and then uses hotmelt to glue them to the containers. As far as efficiency, accuracy and speed are concerned, the Contiroll labeller with its permanently developed technology leads the field.
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    Your benefits

    High labelling precision

    The containers are precisely positioned between the centring bell and centring plate.

    Low glue consumption

    For labelling, only two narrow strips of hotmelt are required at the beginning and end of the label.

    High output

    The different Contiroll designs allow for precise labelling from the the low to the highest output range.

    User friendliness

    The Contiroll is easily accessible and comfortable to use

    Time saving

    Container or label change-overs only require the briefest of conversion times.

    Less work for the operators

    With the additionally available magazine Multireel C reel-storage magazine, the Contiroll can work entirely autonomously for up to eight hours.

    Flexibility for the future

    The Contiroll can still be retrofitted or converted, even after many years of service.

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