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    Krones’ trainees excel
      18. April 2016

      Krones’ trainees excel

      Germany’s Best Line Mechanic - Best Machining Mechanic

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      Beaming faces: the final examination passed, and an employment contract with Krones signed.

      This year, too, Krones’ trainees achieved top grades in their final exam certificates. The two Krones trainees Marco Leidel and Jürgen Scharl were honoured for particularly outstanding examination results. Last December, the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce conferred on Marco Leidel the title of “Germany’s Best Line Mechanic”, and Jürgen Scharl was in the Schwandorf-Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce District awarded the accolade of “Best Machining Mechanic”.

      The IT specialist Fabian Pechlaner, the sandwich-course students Beatrice Beischler and Andreas Schirl, plus the two line mechanics André Greger and Philipp Koller, could also be proud of their performance.

      Together with Krones’ Executive Board Chairman Christoph Klenk, the Group Employees’ Council Chairman Werner Schrödl, the Deputy Employees’ Council Chairman in the Neutraubling facility Markus Hüttner, plus the Head of Coordinated Training, Michaela Sperl, and their instructors, the trainees celebrated the successful completion of their courses.

      With the winter examination, a total of 69 young people had completed their training at Krones. In Neutraubling, 42 of them celebrated passing their finals. They had received their training at Krones’ facilities in Neutraubling and Nittenau, for both industrial-technical and commercial subjects, as sandwich-course trainees, or under a scheme subsidised by Krones or in the four-and-a-half-year “Profile 21” course to qualify as a “Certified Mechatronics Technician”.

      Christoph Klenk, Executive Board Chairman of Krones AG, gave the “brand-new” skilled workers some advice for their future careers in the shape of a quote by the English composer Benjamin Britten: “Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drift back again.”

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