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    Trainees now fully qualified at Krones
      07. September 2016

      Trainees now fully qualified at Krones

      80 trainees completed their training at Krones with the 2016 summer exams.

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      At Krones’ facilities in Neutraubling and Nittenau, this involved 70 young people in all. Five of them were on sandwich courses, and will now be following their practical training with theoretical studies.

      Superlative grades were achieved by the machining mechanics Matthias Fischer and Florian Lacher, trained at Krones’ plant in Nittenau, and their Neutraubling-based colleague Markus Hochmuth. The technical product designer Isabell Tauber, who was trained at the group’s headquarters in Neutraubling, could also be proud of her “Alpha” grade, as could sandwich course students Henning Post, electronics engineer, and Matthias Lipp, mechatronics engineer.

      The freshly qualified specialists celebrated the completion of their training at the group’s headquarters in Neutraubling. They were congratulated by Christoph Klenk, Executive Board Chairman of Krones AG: “We are proud of your performance, because you are the company’s future and the repository of its corporate competence. During your training, you doubtless felt uncertain and nervous at times, but it’s good to experience this during training and learn how to deal with it, because these feelings are repeatedly encountered in the work environment.” Werner Schrödl, the Group Employees’ Council Chairman of Krones AG, also expressed his congratulations. He cited a fascinating figure relating to Krones’ training capabilities: “Since the year 2000, we have trained more than 2,200 young people, and almost all of them have stayed with us.” There were grateful thanks, too, for the instructors. To quote Christoph Klenk: “Our instructors can now breathe easy as well. They were supportively stringent and insightfully inspirational to their charges, enabling all of them to access their full potentials. So they deserve all the compliments we can give them.”

      A tribute echoed by the young specialists involved. Isabell Tauber spoke on their behalf: she thanked the instructors for the skills they had communicated to the youngsters during their training. She thanked them for always having the time to listen to them and for taking so much trouble to ensure that each trainee successfully qualified. She also expressed their gratitude to the company that provided this training for them even though the young people had to contribute quite a bit themselves. What the former trainees particularly appreciated was the chance to use and intensify the theory and practice they had learned when working in the firm’s departments: “This combination is quintessential for the high quality of training at Krones: right from the start (even as a trainee), you are integrated into the firm’s processes. An important step for guaranteeing a smooth transition into your actual career.”

      And this transition can be amazingly swift, as Henning Post found out. Shortly after passing his final exams, he got his marching orders: off to Kenya! In line with his training as an engineer for assignments out in the field, his remit in Kenya was to support his colleagues at the Krones subsidiary in Nairobi in their local training work.

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