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    Customer conference highlighted trends and potentials for the returnables market

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    In mid-October, more than 50 customers from the German-speaking regions accepted the invitation of Krones Lifecycle Service to participate in a customer conference in Neutraubling focusing on the market for products in returnable containers. The attendees particularly appreciated the details given on upcoming legal changes in reuse quotas and on possible energy savings.

    Mario Hacke of the Darguner Brewery in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania emphasised the day’s importance as a wellspring of valuable information. “We came here to get objective pointers: What direction will trends be taking? Do the organisers and other participants share our observations? Which solutions will prevail in the end? And that was precisely what today’s event focused on. It provided us with all the facts confirming that we’re on the right track.”

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    Mario Hacke (Darguner Brewery) seen talking to Oliver Lochstet of Krones (left)

    “Quite specific details on the subject of how to save and recover energy in the bottle washer, for example, were also very interesting. We picked up some new, very good facts in this regard,” to quote Mario Hacke. That is because Krones Lifecycle Service used the customer conference to inform participants about various retrofits available for existing lines and, in particular, presented bottle-washer upgrades that are instrumental in achieving substantial energy savings.

    “The subjects covered hit the nail right on the head”

    Sergej Hasselbach of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners was one of the participants, who also gave a presentation. Like Mario Hacke, he affirmed the event’s informative nature and emphasised the valuable input it provided on the legal situation, the new EU Directive and energy-saving potentials. “This day fully met expectations, it’s really fantastic: The subjects covered today hit the nail right on the head!” He, too, spotlighted specific details on energy savings directly pertaining to his company’s production operation while also praising the broad spectrum of subjects addressed. In his presentation, he and his colleague described a line relocation – a project jointly handled by Krones and its ecomac subsidiary.

    This day fully met expectations, it’s really fantastic: The subjects covered today hit the nail right on the head! Erwin HächlSergej HasselbachCoca-Cola Europacific Partners

    Right there in the hallowed halls of the Krones Academy

    The Krones Academy in Neutraubling provided a perfect setting for this day while also giving participants a direct opportunity to look at its training programme and options. The event’s ambience and the brief guided tour through the training centre impressed even those customers already familiar with the courses offered by the Academy. To quote Mario Hacke: “I actually sent quite a few of my staff to attend training courses at the Academy. Now I’m finally here to see it all for myself – It’s striking, really great. And the Academy’s course programme remains very important to us.”

    The LCS Customer Conference thus created added value in many respects, providing a platform for mutual feedback among producers facing similar challenges, specific presentations mapping out Krones’ solutions, and insights that customers shared in their presentations. All of this combined to create the reassuring feeling that, backed by such a relationship of mutual supportiveness, the sector is best equipped to also keep up with legal changes and fresh challenges in future.

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