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      Finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint

      Our material topics regarding environmental matters are decarbonisation and resource conservation.


      The Krones Group emits greenhouse gases along its value chain and has a responsibility to do its part to protect the earth’s climate. In 2020, we defined and formally communicated new climate goals: Our new climate strategy focuses on all major Krones Group production sites worldwide. Instead of a relative reduction, we are now seeking to lower our greenhouse gas emissions in absolute terms. For the first time, we have also formally communicated a target for Scope 3 emissions, which focuses on shrinking our product carbon footprint – with technologies and solutions designed to generate the lowest possible emissions while still delivering powerful performance to our customers. The new climate strategy has been officially validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

      Additional data and facts on the fundamental subject of “Decarbonisation” can be found in the current non-financial report.

      Resource conservation

      Conserving resources, closing loops: With our solutions, we are already making a major contribution to the sustainability of our customers production. But our own operations also consume water and generate waste. In addition, we also generate hazardous waste that is difficult to recycle or that poses a potential risk to people and the environment. Although they account for a very small share compared to the rest, our own environmental management focuses precisely on these types of waste because they entail a disproportionately higher level of responsibility. Just as in the operation of our products, we also use water-saving processes in their creation. Because even though there is no acute water shortage at any of our production sites, in this age of climate change, we have an obligation to use this resource wisely.

      Additional data and facts on the fundamental subject of “Resource conservation” can be found in the current non-financial report.

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