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      Finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint

      Our three material topics regarding environmental matters are “decarbonisation”, “resource conservation” and “product sustainability”.


      As a manufacturing company that operates internationally, we want to do our part to prevent climate change. That is why Krones AG has set itself the following CO2 reduction target: We aim to cut direct and indirect energy-related CO2 emissions per €1 million in consolidated revenue by 30 to 40 percent by 2020, from a 2010 baseline. The Executive Board adopted a corresponding action plan alongside the CO2 reduction target.

      Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „decarbonisation“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2019.

      Resource conservation

      Conserving resources is an integral part of Krones sustainability efforts. We now aim to take our water and waste management to the next level. We have already laid the groundwork by obtaining ISO 14001 certification of the environmental management system for Krones AG and our major production sites in China, the USA, and Brazil. Now we are focusing on transferring the accountability structures and processes defined there into a uniform, groupwide management system for waste and water consumption that goes above and beyond simply meeting statutory requirements and transparency rules.

      Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „resource conservation“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2019.

      Product sustainability

      Our enviro sustainability programme is a systematic approach to developing environmentally friendly products. This Krones-grown program was designed in collaboration with TÜV SÜD and focuses on energy and media consumption and the overall eco-friendliness of Krones machines, lines, and solutions.

      Krones’ sustainability efforts also include assessing our customers’ products. Beverage and food packaging – especially those made of plastics – are coming under increased criticism. We at Krones we are also taking a critical look at this topic – not only because we generate a significant share of our revenue with technology and services for PET lines, but also because we as a company are committed to responsible stewardship of resources and the environment. Therefore, we are working to promote sustainable handling of plastics and to establish closed-loop systems that support the transition to a circular economy.

      More information about enviro can also be found here.

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