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    Sustainable products, high quality, and reliable service

    Our key issues in the market area are innovation and customer matters.

    Product sustainability

    As an innovative technology group, we don’t just respond to the market – we actively shape it. One area on which our efforts focus is the sustainability of our products and solutions. With machines and services that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly and likewise promote a circular economy, we help our customers not only to meet their respective environmental performance and climate protection targets. We also seek to incentivise taking the consumption and production of food and beverages in a sustainable direction. In particular, we offer energy and media-efficient machines and lines, eco-friendly packaging concepts, closed-loop systems that support the transition to a circular economy, and solutions that help reduce water and food waste.

    Additional data and facts on the fundamental subject of "Product sustainability" can be found in the current non-financial report.

    Further information on our enviro sustainability programme for machines and lines can be found here.

    Further information on circular economy solutions can be found here.


    Innovation within the Krones Group is the cornerstone of our long-term success. Besides continuously maintaining and further developing our existing portfolio, we attach great importance to opening up new opportunities for high-performance, sustainable production for our customers. Whether it’s exploring promising technologies that have not yet been used in the food and beverage industry or developing products that expand the horizon of possibilities for our customers, our focus is on digitalisation solutions and powerful complete systems.

    Additional data and facts on the fundamental subject of "Innovation" can be found in the current non-financial report.

    Customer matters

    Our customers’ success is the benchmark against which our company is measured. We strive to provide companies in the food and beverage industry with everything they need to be successful on the market – from production equipment to individual services all the way through to future-proof digitalisation solutions. Just as with our products themselves, we also aim for sustainability in our collaboration with their users. We maintain partnerships with many of our customers that go back several years or even decades and span generations. In everything we do for and with our customers, we strive to achieve the required quality, maximum profitability, and minimum risk – for everyone involved.

    Additional data and facts on the fundamental subject of "Customer matters" can be found in the current non-financial report.




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