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Krones assumes responsibility for its employees, customers and business partners. We have taken numerous measures to slow down the spread of the infection and continue to provide our customers with the best possible support. Read more
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    Our claim: Highest quality and innovative strength

    Our key issues in the market area are innovation and customer matters.


    Developing innovative technologies, products, and solutions is the very basis for Krones’ sustainable growth. Innovation follows a uniform, clearly defined process, which ensures that development activities meet our goal of creating significant benefit for our customers.
    The innovation cycle at Krones takes four years. That is because the drinktec trade fair occurs every four years. As the premier trade fair for beverage technology worldwide, drinktec is the most far-reaching opportunity for Krones to demonstrate its innovative power. The fair is not only a platform for presenting new products. It is also an opportunity for the company to speak directly with customers and other fair visitors and gain important input that we then inject into the further development of the exhibited machines and systems and into our innovation planning.

    Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „innovation“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2019.

    Further information on innovative technologies can also be found here.

    Customer matters

    Krones’ actions are guided by our customers’ requirements. We focus on delivering high quality by continually optimising our products and processes and providing the best possible customer care by ensuring fast, individualised service. 
    Quality is one of Krones’ most important selling propositions. That is why quality is part of our innovation process from the very beginning, and we strive to continuously improve existing products. According to Krones’ mission statement and code of conduct, it is every employee’s duty to demonstrate a critical awareness of quality in order to ensure that our work and our products meet our high standards at every point along the value chain.

    Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „customer matters“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2019.

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