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    Krones PET-Asept D
    Aseptic system with H₂O₂ bottle sterilisation PET-Asept D

      Aseptic system with H₂O₂ bottle sterilisation

      Compact and completely dry for all aseptic products

      PET-Asept D takes the consistent road from the very beginning. The system relies one hundred percent on a dry sterilising medium and germs are not given a chance.

      At a glance

      • Filling of aseptic products 
      • Suitable for all bottle shapes
      • Bottle sterilisation by means of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
      • Output range from 12,000 to 36,000 bottles per hour*
      • Particle filling of up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimetres possible
      • Also available as PET-AseptBloc D with blow moulder

      D = Dry
      *Based on: 500 ml bottle

      Brochure Krones PET-Asept D
      1.00 MB, .pdf

      Microbiological sensitivity of beverages

      Microbiological sensitivity of beverages

      The key components


      Variant: PET-Asept D without blow moulder

      Variant: PET-Asept D without blow moulder
      Container decontamination
      Blowing out with sterile air warm/cold

      Air Handling Unit

      In the new, central Krones air handling unit, the entire air treatment system is combined to create one single functional unit. This way, it is no longer necessary to work with a large number of filter fan units which are placed on the machine housing. 

      •  All filters and ventilators in one unit 
      •  Piping as integrated component of the air handling unit
      •  Centralised exhaust air pipe system
      •  Direct air guidance, no pressure cascade required
      •  Simple sterilisability of the HEPA filters

      Benefits to you
      •  Optimum accessibility 
      •  Complete filter exchange of the AHU in less than 30 minutes
      •  Time savings of up to 90 percent during restart
      •  Only one exhaust air pipe system required for the entire block

      Cap sorting
      Cap buffer system

      Cap sterilisation module

      CapAsept D 

      Cap treatment system
      •    Cap blower using ionised air right in front of the unit
      •    Sterilisation is performed with gaseous H₂O₂.
      •    No back-up pressure acting on the caps – no deformation
      •    Clocked feed of the caps on demand: No bottle – no cap 
      o    Resources are saved
      o    Optimum treatment of the caps – no over-treatment

      •    Flat caps and sports caps can be processed with the same handling parts. 

      •    Particles fall through the perforated plate and are flushed during the cleaning process.

      Aseptic capper

      Technical features
      •    Every capping head has its own separate servo drive. 
      •    A transfer tunnel separates the sterile area from the outside area. 
      •    The proper technique for every cap – overcaps with round bottle possible!

      •    The Krones aseptic capper is always in a hygienic design and meets even the most difficult hygiene requirements.
      •    All drives are outside the clean room housing. 
      •    A liquid seal system seals all of the capper carrousel’s rotational movements. 
      •    The movements of the capping head are sealed with bellows.
      •    Depending on the type of cap, a cone capper or a gripper capper are used.

      Cleaning and change-over
      •    The open design enables excellent cleaning of all capping heads. 
      •    The handling parts adjustment system operates fully automatically up to a defined speed.

      Aseptic filler

      Filling valve
      •    The appropriate filling valve for the most wide range of products – still and carbonated
      •    It is also suitable for beverages with (fruit) pieces of a size of up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimetres

      Cleaning and change-over
      •    The filler has its own CIP module – thus no separate CIP system is required.
      •    The filling valves are sterilised with steam.
      •    The clean room housing is sterilised with gaseous H₂O₂ –a fully dry method.
      •    Handling parts change-over is possible up to a defined output in an automatic way.

      Valve manifold

      Benefits to you

      Pinpoint production

      Filling to the last drop: The system uses the remaining product quantity in order to calculate exactly how many more PET containers and caps are still to be sterilised.

      Fully-automatic change-over

      Handling parts change-over at the filler and the capper can be performed up to a defined output without any manual interference.

      Broad spectrum

      The line covers outputs of 12,000 to 36,000 bottles per hour and is also suitable for filling products containing particles.

      High availability

      The PET-Asept D system produces continuously for up to one week at a time! The subsequent cleaning cycle from the last to the first bottle is done within 150 minutes.

      No condensation 

      Clever: The treatment of warm bottles with warm gas prevents the occurrence of condensation. A fast and efficient sterilisation process results.

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