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    Krones PET-Asept L
    Aseptic system with peracetic bottle sterilisation PET-Asept L

      Wet bottle sterilisation for aseptic products

      Absolute product safety, even under extreme conditions

      The PET-Asept L system has proved its worth among beverage producers all over the world. It provides reliable results, even under problematic ambient conditions and, at the same time, requires amazingly low maintenance.

      At a glance

      • Latest version of a system proven all over the world
      • Aseptic filling of all products 
      • Suitable for all bottle shapes
      • Bottle sterilisation by means of peracetic acid (PAA)
      • Output up to 65,000 bottles per hour*
      • Re-use of rinsing water
      • Integrated, decentralised ventilation technology by Krones
      • Also available as PET-AseptBloc L with blow moulder

      L = Liquid
      * Based on: 500 ml bottle

      Brochure Krones PET-Asept L
      1.09 MB, .pdf

      Microbiological sensitivity of beverages

      Microbiological sensitivity of beverages

      The key components


      The design: PET-AseptBloc L with blow moulder

      The design: PET-AseptBloc L with blow moulder

      aseptic filler

      Filling valve
      •    The appropriate filling valve for the most wide range of products – still and carbonated
      •    It is also suitable for beverages with (fruit) pieces of a size of up to 10 x 10 x 10 millimetres

      Cleaning and change-over
      •    The filler has its own CIP module – thus no separate CIP system is required.
      •    The filling valves are sterilised with steam.
      •    The clean room housing is sterilised with peracetic acid.
      •    Handling parts change-over is possible up to a defined output in an automatic way.
      •    After an intervention into the clean room housing, there will be an intermediate sterilisation with peracetic acid within 30 minutes.

      aseptic capper

      Technical features
      •    Every capping head has its own separate servo drive. 
      •    A transfer tunnel separates the sterile area from the outside area. 
      •    The proper technique for every cap – overcaps with round bottle possible!

      •    The Krones aseptic capper is always in a hygienic design and meets even the most difficult hygiene requirements.
      •    All drives are outside the clean room housing. 
      •    A liquid seal system seals all of the capper carrousel’s rotational movements. 
      •    The movements of the capping head are sealed with bellows.
      •    Depending on the type of cap, a cone capper or a gripper capper are used.

      Cleaning and change-over
      •    The open design enables excellent cleaning of all capping heads. 
      •    The handling parts adjustment system operates fully automatically up to a defined speed.

      Cap sterilisation module – two variants

      After cap inspection, the caps are sterilised with the appropriate system.

      Cap inspection unit checks caps for: Deformation, ovality, intact cap tamper-evident rings and correct orientation

      For all sterilisable caps: dry cap sterilisation by means of H₂O₂

      Technical features
      •    Simple mechanical design
      •    Sterilisation of the caps by means of hydrogen peroxide steam
      •    Short treatment time at high temperature
      •    Treatment with the precise number of caps: The last cap for the last bottle

      For submergible caps: PAA immersion bath

      Technical features
      •    Simple mechanical design
      •    Cap sterilisation by means of liquid peracetic acid
      •    Spraying with sterile water and blow-drying with sterile air


      •    Removes residual peracetic acid from the containers
      •    Efficient single-channel full cone nozzle with adjusted dimensions
            Without CIP cups
            Open SIP in the clean room housing 
      •    Reduced water consumption
      •    Time saved during rinsing and cleaning
      •    Recycling of the peracetic acid
      •    Recycling of sterile water

      Container sterilizer

      Interior treatment of the containers
      •    Steam as carrier and activator of peracetic acid
      •    Spreader-shaped nozzles for thorough cleaning of the neck area

      Exterior treatment of the containers
      •    Continuous exterior treatment with liquid peracetic acid at a temperature of 45 and 60 °C

      At a glance
      •    Re-use of the liquid peracetic acid from steriliser and rinser for the exterior treatment of the containers
      •    Best draining properties thanks to a Krones Tabletec table top inclined on one side 
      •    No use of surface-active agents

      Blow moulder
      Preform feed system

      Benefits to you

      Smaller installation surface

      • Linear machine design 
      • Integration of the valve block into the machine frame 
      • Unburdened rinser
      • Reduction of the sterilisation modules from three to one
      • Integrated, decentralised ventilation technology – no additional controller required

      Reduced operation and maintenance work involved

      • Tabletec table top inclined to one side
      • Integration of the valve block into the machine frame
      • Capper in hygienic design

      Highly efficient and safe sterilisation

      • Spreader-type nozzles for reliable interior treatment of the containers, even in the neck-finish area
      • No surface-active agents required
      • Hermetically isolated sterile areas

      Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness 

      • No surface-active agents required 
      • Re-use of rinsing water
      • The single-channel rinser with improved nozzles reduces the air consumption
      • Lower energy consumption thanks to a modified ventilation system

      High output

      • Minimum loss of product during type change-over by product supply to the filler from the top
      • Reduced SIP time by steam sterilisation of the filling valves
      • No CIP cups therefore faster and easier operation
      • Product change-over: from the last bottle to the first within a mere 150 minutes

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