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Can filler for the low output range

    The craft brewers’ new friend

    Large-scale brewery technology for the craft brewer

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    When it comes to filling Craft Beer into cans, Craftmate is your ideal companion: The new Krones can filler is an expert in the low output range. It safely cans even small production quantities starting from 12,000 containers per hour*, and it offers double flexibility: The all-rounder machine handles cans of various sizes and formats, and copes with beer as well as with carbonated beverages.

    In order to make the Craftmate profitable in particular for the low output range, some of its features have been designed simpler than the Krones can fillers as we know them: For example, the cans are pressed on and lifted pneumatically, and the carrousel height is adjusted manually. The know-how behind the Craftmate is just the same that has been invested in its bigger relatives. Of course, as a member of the krones can filler family, it is equipped with the well-proven Krones technology – a combination that is hard to beat.

    * based on a content of 16 oz

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    All advantages at a glance

    Double flexibility

    • High flexibility in handling various can sizes and formats:
    • 12,000 16-oz containers per hour; 15,000 12-oz containers per hour
    • Filling of beer as well as of carbonated beverages

    Innovative Technology

    • 24 electropneumatically controlled filling valves
    • Pressing-on and pressurisation of the cans by means of doubleacting cylinder and differential pressure chamber
    • Exact determination of the filling quantity by means of inductive flow meter
    • High technological standard when it comes to oxygen pick-up and CO2 consumption
    • Manual height adjustment

    Easy cleaning

    • Manual handling of CIP cups
    • Inclined table top
    • Optional: automatic foam cleaning

    Compact layout

    • Product feed by laterally arranged buffer tank
    • Valve manifold and control cabinet directly next to the filler
    • Reduced transportation costs due to shipment in maritime container
    00 - Article Item 7856
    1. Pressurisation and return gas valve
    2. Can head space snifting valve
    3. Flushing and CIP return valve
    4. Product valve control cylinder
    5. Centring bell pressed on
    6. Snifting channel
    7. Pressurisation channel

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