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    Krones Craftmate C
    Krones Craftmate C

      The can filler for the low output range

      Technology from large breweries for craft brewers

      When it comes to filling craft beer into cans, the Craftmate C is your ideal partner. The Krones can filler is an expert for the low output range. It safely cans even small production quantities starting from 12,000 containers per hour* and it offers double flexibility: This all-rounder processes cans of various sizes and formats, and masters not only beer, but also carbonated beverages and wine.

      At a glance

      • Fills beer, carbonated soft drinks and wine in cans
      • High flexibility also in the low output range
      • Cost-efficient filling technology in the quality you are used to from Krones
      • High filling quality with guarantee values comparable with high-performance machines
      • Short change-over times for different can sizes
      • Compact design

      * Based on a content of 16 oz

      Brochure Krones Craftmate C
      0.58 MB, .pdf

      The components

      The components
      Compact valve manifold with product tank
      Control cabinet with integrated pneumatic controller for the valve manifold
      Machine guards for easy access to the can conveyor
      Seamer with four seaming heads
      Good accessibility
      Krones operator panel in touch-screen design
      Volumetric can filler with 24 filling valves
      Inclined table top



      1,080 mm

        Number of the filling valves                24
        Pitch diameter 141 mm
        Products beer, carbonated soft drinks and wine
        Can formats Standard format: 211/202, Optional: 204/202 to 300/209
        Product temperature 2 °C to 16 °C
        CO2-content 3,8 g/l to 6,0 g/l
        Filling system                                      Volumetric filler with inductive flow meter                                                                                                                  
        Valve manifold Manual version (Krones standard) with product tank installed on top for the least possible product loss
        CIP cups Manual insertion of CIP cups
        CIP Closed CIP circuit
        Height adjustment system Manual
        Machine type Tabletec table top (stainless steel) in inclined design for draining of cleaning agents
        Design basis Compact machine for easy transportation (sea freight)
        Controller Siemens S7 oder Allen Bradley
        Drive servo drive system
        Filler-capper block synchronisation Servo motor connection of the can seamer
        Seamer 4 seaming heads

      Technical details

      • Filling valve with pneumatically controlled centring bell without lifting cam
      • Cylinder with Teflon bellows for controlling the process gas 
      • Inductive flow meter for fill quantity determination 
      • Product tank at the valve manifold for product supply
      06 - Image with Hotspots 33928
      Product feed assembly via supply tank valve manifold
      Inductive flow meter
      Centring bell
      Control cylinder for liquid valve
      Control cylinder for liquid valve
      Flushing and CIP return valve
      Flushing and CIP return valve
      Valve for snifting the can headroom
      Valve for snifting the can headroom
      Pressurising and return gas valve
      Pressurising and return gas valve

      Benefits to you

      Double flexibility

      The Craftmate C is your specialist for can filling in the low output range and is also extremely versatile: It fills beer, carbonated beverages and wine in a range of can shapes and sizes.

      Innovative technology

      The electropneumatically-controlled filling valves work very reliably and thanks to the inductive flow meter, the fill quantity can be determined up to the point. Pressing-on and pressurisation of the cans is performed via a double-acting cylinder and a differential pressure chamber.

      Easy to clean

      An inclined table top and manually inserted CIP cups ensure easy machine cleaning.

      Compact design

      The product is fed to the machine via laterally-positioned buffer tanks and the valve manifold and control cabinet are right next to the filler. This way, the Craftmate C requires just a minimum of space in the bottling hall.

      Low transport costs

      Of course, these compact dimensions have plus factors when it comes to the transport: Since the entire machine can be placed in one sea freight container, the costs for shipment are accordingly low.

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