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    Krones Robobox
    Fully-automatic grouping station Robobox

      The completely modernised grouping system for optimal layer patterns

      Turning and positioning packs for accurate palletising

      There are already 700 Robobox machines in operation - to the great joy of their operating companies and machine operators. For the grouping system does its job with utmost precision and reliability. On the request of our customers, Krones developers are remaining faithful to these virtues in future machine generations – while adding extra doses of power, flexibility and user-friendliness.

      At a glance:

      • New generation of the fully-automatic grouping system
      • Positive turning and distribution of non-returnable packs
      • Also ideal for non-carbonated products and lightweight containers
      • Output of up to 500 layers per hour
      • Individual adjustment to fit in with the line through the simple combination of multiple modules
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      Construction and method of operation

      Construction and method of operation
      Pre-grouping area with layer pusher
      Robobox module 2
      Robobox module 1
      Robobox module 2
      Robobox module 1
      Infeed with one or two lanes; the infeed is divided into three sections with an accelerating conveyor, stopping conveyor and spacing conveyor
      Spindle for the rail adjustment system – manually or motor-driven
      Pack infeed
      • The packs are fed into the grouping module on one or more lanes.
      • The gripper head is lowered onto the packs and picks them up individually or in groups – depending on the layer pattern that has been defined.
      • The guide unit of the gripper head makes it possible to precisely position the packs in the x and y-direction and, in the c-axis, to use turning movements to make adjustments to suit the layer pattern.

      Your benefits

      The Robobox …

      • Performs the widest variety of tasks with flexibility – including complex layer patterns at high speed.
      • Positively turns and distributes the packs.
      • Is an excellent choice for non-carbonated products and lightweight containers.
      • Eliminates interface problems with external rotary media manifolds or turning units.
      • Is optimally accessible with its guard doors and optimum design.
      • Can be converted in less than 10 minutes.
      • Actively assists the operator in remedying faults.
      • Only takes up a very small amount of space in the line.
      • Can be quickly assembled and started up.
      • Has verified low energy consumption with an enviro certificate.

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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