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    Krones Robobox T-GS
    Robobox T-GS grouping system

      Tripod solution for the palletising technology

      The Robobox T-GS opens up new opportunities in the Krones dry end: because the grouping system uses a tripod robot with innovative parallel kinematics. Thanks to this conversion, it has advanced several steps at once. Why? It has become more powerful, quicker, more robust and more precise all at once.

      At a glance

      • Grouping of packs in line with a specified layer pattern
      • Processing range: All commercial non-returnable packs
      • Top grouping speeds with only one module
      • Reduced space requirement
      • Short feed distances between the packer and palletiser
      • Less maintenance and service work required thanks to smooth and more harmonious movements

      T-GS = Tripod Grouping System

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      Benefits to you

      High performance on small space

      Being a high-performance tripod robot, the Robobox T-GS groups up to 500 layers per hour with only one module.

      Precise layer pattern

      Positive-fit precision grippers guide the packs safely and precisely to their determined positions.

      Gentle pack conveyance

      No more stop-and-go: The packs enter the grouping station continuously with very low impact. For packs that are critical to transport such as shrink packs with petaloid bases, the transfer plates between the flush-grid belt tables can be omitted in the design.

      Simple design

      Due to its innovative parallel kinematics, the Robobox T-GS must move up to 70 percent less own mass than an articulated-arm robot or a portal robot.

      Intelligent correction mode

      The grouping system checks the position of the incoming packs and regulates it upon deviations.

      Efficient team

      Depending on the respective task, the grouping system can be combined with additional machines from the Krones dry part. An especially effective combination: In a team with the Modulpal Pro 2ADP palletising robot, the Robobox T-GS achieves great performances on small space.

      Quick product change-over

      In order to keep change-overs as short as possible, the Robobox requires almost no product-specific components.

      Flexibility and efficiency

      Depending on the requirement, the infeed is made up of one or two lanes. It is also possible to position several packs simultaneously.

      This product is enviro classified

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      Top technology for ecologically efficient production

      The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production.

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