Krones Linatronic 735
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Linear empty-bottle inspector

    Modularised bottle inspection in hygienic design

    Product safety based on high-precision empty-bottle inspection

    Is it possible to make a machine that has an impressive track record even better? The answer is yes. You need to carefully update the technology without affecting the great features that work so well. This is exactly what we have done with the new Linatronic The inspection machine still delivers the same outstanding product safety, hygiene and reliability. But we have made modifications to some of the details in order to increase the effectiveness of the hygienic design, illumination subsystem, etc. The machine now offers that little bit extra from end to end. Does the machine really offer more in every respect? We have to admit that this is not entirely true. When it comes to energy consumption and maintenance effort, the Linatronic now offers less and not more.

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    Your benefits

    Modular design

    There is a range of different inspection modules and detection systems available for the Linatronic. Our product specialists can help you decide exactly which options are right for you. Should your inspection requirements change at a later date, the Linatronic can be simply upgraded with additional modules.

    Large processing spectrum

    The Linatronic can be flexibly adapted to very different con tainer types. This means that both glass and returnable PET bottles can even be handled on the same machine.

    Protection against operator errors

    Parameters, cameras and belts are automatically adjusted and changed. Thus the Linatronic is perfectly protected against operator errors.

    Slight wear-related costs

    All modules are equipped with long-lasting LED illumination units.

    Hygienic design

    To create optimal hygienic conditions, the Linatronic was designed in a completely hygienic manner: it makes do without a table plate and dirt deposits do not stand a chance on its slanted exterior surfaces. Container lubricants, fragments and other types of contamination are removed immediately.

    Excellent inspection results

    The highly sensitive inspection modules have a 99.9% success rate when it comes to detecting faults and contamination. Simultaneously, they keep the number of faulty rejections down to an absolute minimum. This is made possible by intelligent inspection software; the side-wall inspection system, for example, does not even become confused by water droplets on the bottle. The side-wall and base inspection units can be optionally upgraded with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

    Quick and simple change-over

    When changing over to other container types, no change parts need to be exchanged. Furthermore, the parameters are changed over and the heights of the camera and of the conveyor belts are adjusted automatically. This allows the entire change-over to be performed in the record time of just two to five minutes.

    Long-lasting and dirt repellant conveyor belts

    Durability and microbiological safety are the two most important features of the conveyor belts: their enclosed surfaces protect them against traces of wear and prevent them from absorbing lubricants and liquids.

    Uniform operating concept

    All Krones machines are equipped with a uniform operating concept for maximum user friendliness.

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