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    Krones Sleevematic TS
    Sleevematic TS sleeve label applicator

      Sleevematic TS – Faster sleeving than ever before

      Turbo in stead of cycles

      No machine has ever managed this before: The Sleevematic TS sleeves up to 50,000 container per hour with just one labelling station! What's its secret? It uses a completely new cutting method. Unlike at other machines, the Sleevematic TS cuts the sleeves in an ongoing movement and not in cycles with a stop-and-go operation.

      At a glance

      • It sleeves up to 50,000 containers per hour with only one labelling station
      • It applies sleeves with micro perforation
      • It employs rotating perforating blades
      • It works continuously without any cycles
      Sleevematic sleeve label applicator
      Brochure Krones Sleevematic TS
      1.02 MB, .pdf

      Machine structure

      Machine structure
      Sleeve positioning unit
      Servo-motor-driven transfer roller for separating the sleeve sections
      Servo-motor-driven feed roller
      Mandrel for opening the sleeves
      Perforation unit with register mark controller
      Label web guider
      Container infeed with servo-motor-driven infeed worm

      Your benefits in figures

      • Thanks to rotary cutters which perforate the film sleeve continuously in stead of in cycles, the Sleevematic TS can process 50,000 containers per hour.
      • A set of perforation cutters can perform 70 million cuts before it wears out. Conventional cutting units can only master a tenth of this.
      • The change-over of the perforating blade takes 2 minutes.
      • 0 handling parts change-overs are required for changing over to other sleeve widths. Owing to the fact, that the rotating perforation cutters are operating regardless of the format, the Sleevematic TS requires significantly less handling parts than all other sleeving systems.

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