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Thermal product treatment for hygienic filling processes

    Safe thermal product treatment

    Maximised product safety and product quality

    Processes aimed at preservation and safe hygienic processes are the key factors in the manufacture of a product. And that applies for all types of beverage: depending on their ingredients, beverages have a low or high microbiological sensitivity, which makes it essential to have a sophisticated system of equipment for sterile procedures in the stages before filling. All these process stages bring you to your most important objective: quality products and a high market share.
    The Krones VarioFlash flash pasteurising system offers the right starting conditions for all product treatment tasks. Largely preassembled modules that are tailored exactly to the application, an efficient operating concept with minimal staffing requirements and variable output level – these are the features indivisibly associated with Krones technology for product treatment.


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    VarioFlash – Your benefits

    Flexibility in the production

    Short product change-over times (last/first bottle) of no more than 30 minutes with intermediate water rinsing can be achieved using the Krones filler with additional hardware and software.

    Minimised recontamination risk

    Maximum product safety is delivered by reliable separation of the media by means of double seat valves and a positive pressure difference from product to heating/ cooling medium combined with the vacuum-tight product tank and hence hot and cold cleaning of the mandrel fittings without drawing in atmospheric air.

    High accuracy

    The buffer tank is fitted with a capillary level monitoring facility that ensures precise, temperaturecompensated content measurement.

    Precise traceability of all processes

    All process-relevant parameters are saved and archived by an electronic data writer.

    System-friendly media guide

    The CIP run-off for sampling valves prevents damage to the electrics and pneumatics caused by cleaning agents. The CIP collecting pans in the complete module facilitate run-off of the cleaning media.

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