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    The Krones family keeps on growing in India

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    Digital solutions are now a firm part of Krones’ capabilities in India, with a new subsidiary for process technology providing an additional boost.

    For almost 23 years, Krones has had a subsidiary in India, a country with a multi-facetted and dynamic beverage industry which offers huge potential. The world and the market are in constant flux, and Krones has continually evolved with them, aiming to perform better and better day by day. In order to keep on meeting the ongoing international challenges and to expand our network of experts even further, we have broadened our range of capabilities in India in the fields of process technology and digital solutions.


    Krones Digital Solutions India: part of a globe-spanning network

    When the community was set up in 2022, Krones blazed a new trail in terms of collaboration: IT experts around the world are working together in a community created as a matrix organisation, with staff numbers now exceeding 500 in the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and China. Now another location has been added in Bengaluru, India: Krones Digital Solutions India (KDSI).

    India is the world market leader in software development, so it was an obvious choice for the Krones Group to locate its digitalisation task force there. KDSI is an important part of the community and the group’s expert in IT services, software development, IT security and much, much more. Day after day, its specialists work on digital solutions to render the beverage industry more sustainable. That includes not only developing software for beverage producers but also for Krones’ own IT projects, such as protecting the group’s IT infrastructure from external attacks.

    KDSI is located in Bengaluru, but hybrid work in international teams guarantees responsive flexibility. The Indian digital solutions team are closely networked with their colleagues at German headquarters.

    By establishing KDSI, Krones has come another step closer to its goal of offering ‘Solutions beyond tomorrow‘ and leading the food and beverage industries into a digital future. This vision affirms the entire Krones Group’s ongoing commitment to driving solutions that pave the way into a sustainable and truly liveable future for all of us. Digitalisation and automation play key roles in that – in all our locations.

    Unicorn Industries – a company with a broad portfolio

    A recent addition to the Krones family in India is the new subsidiary Unicorn Industries. For Krones, Unicorn is an important link which strengthens the group’s global process technology network because the company’s portfolio contains everything that is needed for the production and processing of food and beverages.

    Unicorn is based in Secunderabad and supplies solutions which cover every step from layout design to manufacture of tanks and modular skids all the way to automation, installation and commissioning. The systems and lines are tailored specifically to the requirements of their target markets like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and sub-Saharan Africa, and enhanced with Krones technologies and components from Germany. Unicorn serves customers both at home and abroad – and is already acknowledged as one of India’s biggest manufacturing and process-engineering companies. Its workforce has almost 50 years of professional expertise in process technology to draw upon, which makes Unicorn a perfect addition to the Krones family in India.

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    With the process technology portfolio of Unicorn Industries, Krones has once again been able to broaden its base in India.

    The Indian subcontinent is one of the most important markets of the future. The latest changes that Krones has made there have further expanded the group’s local capabilities. In future, Krones will thus be able to offer not only 'Solutions beyond tomorrow' but increasingly solutions beyond borders as well.

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