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    Evoguard expands its product portfolio – with Krones expertise

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    15. November 2020
    2:25 min.

    Evoguard is the valve and pump specialist within the Krones Group. However, the company recently expanded its product portfolio and is now likewise selling heat exchanger modules under the name of Evotube.

    Here, Evoguard is tapping into the expertise of its parent company, as Krones has already been developing and producing these heat exchanger modules for over ten years now. They have been operating successfully as constituent parts of product treatment systems like the VarioFlash or the VarioAsept at beverage factories all around the globe.

    The heat exchangers are now not only installed in Krones systems but also sold as individual modules to clients outside the usual customer segments, primarily to machinery and plant manufacturers. Thus, Krones and Evoguard are taking a purposeful step towards greater individualisation. In process technology, in particular, systems are customised to suit the individual requirements of the product concerned, and engineered appropriately. 

    So the CIP system, cooler, heater, flash pasteuriser or UHT system can ultimately be designed to the client’s own particular needs. But no matter what the system concerned looks like in the end, what’s crucially important is what it contains.


    Thermal product treatment with cross-corrugated tubes

    The Evotube shell-and-tube heat exchanger modules developed by Krones are suitable for a multiplicity of products exhibiting different flow behaviours. Here, the design and dimensions of the heat transfer units are in each particular project specifically matched to the product characteristics involved.

    Cross-corrugated tubes are used in Evotube, above all for viscous products, and pay off twice over:

    • Firstly, cross-corrugated tubes reduce the space required and also, thanks to shorter heat-up and cool-down phases, the thermal impact on the product. By way of their special structure, they break up the laminar boundary layer in the product flow, thus ensuring high turbulence and heat transfer capacities over a wide performance and viscosity profile. By combining heat transfer units customised to suit the product being handled in each case with an innovative structure for the heat transfer tubes, this concept makes for above-average retention of the product’s taste, vitamin content and colour. As a result, beverages treated with Evotube boast a particularly high level of natural goodness.
    • Secondly, the efficient product treatment by means of cross-corrugated-tube technology enables the space required for the heat exchanger (and thus the line’s footprint as well) to be reduced by up to 30 per cent.
    With Evotube, Evoguard is now selling Krones’ field-proven heat exchangers as individual modules as well.

    The heat exchanger modules are developed, dimensioned and designed at Krones while the rest of project processing is handled by Evoguard. Thanks to the closely meshed network inside the House of Krones, Evoguard can draw upon the know-how of experienced specialists, an extensive database covering more than 2,000 products, and an in-house rheological laboratory. Krones also supports its clients in determining the relevant parameters for product dimensioning, such as viscosity. This ensures that the Evotube modules the client receives are invariably matched exactly to the product characteristics in each case.

    15. November 2020
    2:25 min.

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