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    From the drinktec into a sustainable future

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    20. July 2022
    3:40 min.

    Visions develop in our heads. But the courage to change comes from our hearts. Krones is entering a new era, with a new slogan and a far-reaching vision.

    We associate them with health, fellowship, and enjoyment: Food and drink are more closely and more deeply connected to human life than any other industry. Billions of food and beverage products are consumed every day – and demand will continue to rise. The world’s growing population will always need safe, affordable food and drink. What is more: They will need products that align with a climate- and environment-friendly lifestyle.

    For the future of our industry, that means that we can base our commercial success entirely on sustainability. This is an incredible opportunity that we at Krones intend to seize. Because we firmly believe that, as a turnkey supplier with customers in every corner of the world, we have the expertise, the technologies, and the reach to contribute substantially to solving three of humankind’s great challenges: slowing climate change, feeding the world’s population, and using packaging responsibly.

    How do we intend to accomplish that? The answer will have to be as multi-faceted and multi-layered as the issues themselves – anything else would ignore the complexity and importance of these challenges.

    Challenge the status quo – especially our own

    So, let’s take a look back. In 2008, Krones launched the enviro sustainability program. It has since been a key driver of innovation, guiding our product development process in a sustainable direction, from start to finish. The results are machines, lines, and now even packaging solutions that make it possible to significantly and verifiably improve the energy and media efficiency and overall environmental compatibility of our industry. enviro-certified technologies are now part of nearly every product in our portfolio. New developments are aligned with the stringent specifications of enviro criteria right from the start. 
    But as important and appropriate as these measures may be, they are not enough on their own to really overcome the challenges listed above. If we want to pave the way for a truly livable future, for ourselves and for generations to follow, we have to do more. We have to seize every opportunity to prevent waste in production. We have to unlock even more potential for conserving resources and reducing emissions. We have to take a hard, unbiased look at existing processes, products, and packaging in the food and beverage industry and develop entirely new, sustainable alternatives. And we have to inspire others to join us in our efforts to build a sustainable industry. And that is precisely what we aim to do at the drinktec in September.

    This is not an empty promise

    To that end, we have spent the past several months doing something we don’t do every day: We’ve done some serious soul-searching. We’ve taken a critical look at our attitudes, thought a great deal about our values, and asked ourselves whether we are really doing everything we can to fulfil our responsibility to the planet and to society. In the process, a clearer picture began to emerge of what exactly we want to achieve, along with a clear mission and a far-reaching vision: We want to dedicate all of our innovative power to serving an industry that is sustainable, efficient, and successful for all stakeholders and in every respect.

    Solutions beyond tomorrow. Three simple words that carry enormous meaning for us.

    And because we cannot afford to lose sight of this goal, even for a moment, we have adopted a new slogan: Solutions beyond tomorrow. Three simple words that carry enormous meaning for us. They give our customers, employees, and all other stakeholders a clear promise for the future – and they commit us to fulfil this promise.

    At the drinktec in September, we’d like to show you just how serious we are about this commitment. We’re not just talking about product innovations that are ready for sale now. While our R&D specialists normally work behind closed doors, this year they’ll reveal what they’re working on right now – sharing visions and projects that are far outside the realm of what is possible today. Because the challenges that we face as an industry are too big and too important to work on in isolation. To achieve a sustainable future, we’ll have to work together across the industry, with a common understanding of the issues at hand and a willingness to share ideas and visions in their earliest stages of development.

    Have we made you curious? If so, mark your calendars for September 12 – 16 and secure your free daily admission tickets today. We look forward to stepping into a new era with you.

    20. July 2022
    3:40 min.

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