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    We took a good thing and made it better: the valve control head from Evoguard

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    01. September 2022
    3:30 min.

    A number of features make the new generation of the Evoguard valve control head the right choice for the digital transformation: These include comprehensive diagnostic functions and the use of real-time data to ensure a long valve service life. The controller can work via IO link, AS interface, or 24 V DC.

    Market demands have changed since Evoguard started delivering its valve control head with its characteristic stainless-steel housing back in 2013/2014. That is why, in 2019, the company began developing a new product generation in an updated design that more closely matches that of the Evoguard valve series itself. Another key objective in evolving the control head was to make it more robust and more versatile.

    One of the most important functions of the new valve control head is to indicate the valve’s switching and maintenance status –­ and an optical signal provides just that, at a glance. It was also especially important to the industrial designers that the new control head fit seamlessly into the broad range of Evoguard valves and be capable of universal application. A new adaptation ensures that both the electrical and pneumatic supply lines can remain connected during maintenance work. 

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    The optical status indicator is one of the most important functions of the valve control head.

    The fact that no error messages are triggered and the connections don’t have to be reset saves valuable time during maintenance operations. In addition, automatic setup means that the new control head can be integrated into existing lines at the push of a button. Despite the new developments, the old and new generation control heads are fully compatible and interchangeable.

    Long service life thanks to real-time analysis

    Even the previous generation of the valve control head had a very good system for optimally integrating valves into processes. The new generation is also available within the IO link communication system and therefore contributes significantly to predictive maintenance – and to the effective automation of the line. The focus here is on detecting wear and errors early, even before they occur, to proactively maintain the system, and thereby minimize downtimes. It is possible to benefit from this smart technology not only at the high end, via the IO link communication protocol, but also with simple 24 V DC-based actuation.

    Our valve control head does it all. Erwin HächlThomas BockEvoguard Valve and Pump Development

    “Maintenance needs or potential downtimes can be detected before they occur,” explains Thomas Bock of Evoguard’s department for Valve and Pump Development. But that’s not all. A PC tool makes for easy parameterization to match the individual needs or specific circumstances. The custom parameterization of threshold and limit values for the contactless position measuring system ensures that the available real-time data can be tailored to each process. “Our valve control head does it all,” says Thomas Bock.

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    The inside of the valve control head has also undergone refinement, to meet the increasingly exacting specifications in process technology.

    Systematic evolution

    As an option, an accelerometer can be used to monitor processes and proactively detect problems – including those relating to risks of cross-contamination or microbial contamination – and pressure surges in the line. Because the control pressure must be constant in order to ensure the valves’ trouble-free operation, a pressure sensor has been integrated to detect any irregularities or leaks in the control air flow.

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    It was especially important to the industrial designers that the new control head fit optimally into the broad range of Evoguard valves.

    “In this way, we have constant monitoring of what is arguably the biggest potential source of error, which in turn makes the processes especially robust,” stresses Thomas Bock. External sensors, too, like temperature transmitters, can be connected and their signals analyzed by way of IO link for diagnostic purposes. The option of integrating any number of external sensors into the valve control head’s data processing by way of 4-20 mA current loop means that there are no limits to the head’s analytic capabilities.

    The new generation of the Evoguard valve control head makes lines ready for the digital transformation. They also provide the equipment needed for meeting the rising demands on process technology. Erwin HächlThomas BockEvoguard Valve and Pump Development

    About Evoguard

    Evoguard valves are produced in Nittenau, in the Upper Palatinate region of Germany, where a production and administration building of over 4,000m2 houses the R&D, design, sales, and manufacturing and assembly operations. With “Made in Germany” quality, Evoguard delivers valves and components to existing and new customer groups – providing the basis for safe, automated processes in the food and beverage industries, including dairy.

    01. September 2022
    3:30 min.

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