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    Steinecker brewhouse for London’s biggest brewery Beavertown

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    25. August 2022
    5:10 min.
    With the help of Krones, Beavertown have expanded their business to become London’s biggest and most innovative brewery.
    • Logan Plant, founder of Beavertown Image credits:

      Beavertown Brewery

    Their mission is to bring good beer to every street corner and to make it accessible. And with the newest addition to their brewery locations in London, their brewery in Enfield, Beavertown are one step closer to that goal. For their biggest project yet, they relied on the support of Krones. 

    Logan Plant, the founder of Beavertown, was first inspired by the beers from his home region, the Midlands, which are known for their great beer heritage in the UK. At the age of 20, he dreamed of starting a brewery. But that got side-lined in favour of touring as a musician for 10 years. Eventually, he came back to that dream and, together with his wife, opened a brew pub in East London, where he brewed his own beers in the kitchen – about 800 litres a batch, once a week. 

    Now, ten years later, what started as a small project has become much bigger: Beavertown has several brewery locations in London, including a microbrewery in the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, where they supply their beers to the fans of the club. The latest expansion came in 2022, with the commissioning of their newest and largest brewery, a 150-hectolitre fully automated Steinecker setup. Here, they create a new, innovative beer every month – in addition to their core range, which is available all year and consists of seven beers, and their barrel programme where they age and mature beers in wine barrels.

    Our mission is about putting great beer on every street corner. Our beer is for everybody. Erwin HächlLogan PlantFounder of Beavertown Brewery

    Creativity is in their DNA

    One of the highlights of the relatively young brewery’s history was the Beavertown Extravaganza, a craft beer festival they organised in London in 2017. There, they were joined by 70 breweries from all over the world and over 8,000 guests enjoyed the newest beer creations. This definitely is in line with the philosophy behind Beavertown: “It’s about more than just beer. It’s about creating an experience for the drinker and about taking them along the journey, whether that’s through our recipes, our artwork or the events that we put on at the brewery or in pubs or wherever it is. It’s about that creative gene that runs through everything we do. Also about pushing the boundaries of beer as much as we can. The philosophy is about making beer accessible, that’s what we’ve done with beers like Neck Oil or Gamma Ray,” explains Logan.

    Creativity really is integral to Beavertown’s DNA, not only when it comes to the different beer styles. It is also visible on their product labels: skeletons, psychedelia and flashy colours – the designs definitely stand out on store shelves. Logan has lots of praise for his creative director, Nick Dwyer: “Nick worked as a waiter in our original brew pub, and he was just doodling in between shifts. He showed me his work – and I loved it. No one was doing anything like that before Nick put pen to paper and we put it on a can. He deserves so much recognition for what he has done for our beer.” 

    A new brewhouse of unprecedented size

    Project: Brewhouse including all fermentation and maturation tanks, as well as utilities
    Customer: Beavertown Brewery
    Commissioning: March 2020
    Location: Enfield, London

    Five-vessel brewhouse with a maximum brewing capacity of 500,000 hectolitres a year in 150-hecotlitre batches


    • Four 60-tonne Steinecker malt silos 
    • Variomill wet mill
    • Steinecker brewhouse with EquiTherm Brew energy-recovery system
    • Steinecker dry-hopping equipment
    • Steinecker equipment for the cellar
      • Wort steriliser
      • Yeast propagation system
      • Yeast storage plant
      • Waste yeast plant
      • 28 fermentation and maturation tanks ranging in size from 150 hectolitres to 600 hectolitres 
      • Two 300- and four 600-hectolitre bright beer tanks
    • Utilities: steam plant and refrigeration in a container

    The expectations for the new brewhouse were clear: besides flexibility and hygiene, energy efficiency was one of the most important criteria. This is why Beavertown went for the Steinecker EquiTherm Brew. This system recovers all the energy needed for mashing and heating up the wort from the wort cooling process, thus enabling up to 50 percent of the primary energy required to be saved. The beneficial side-effect shows up in the quality of the beers: now that the brews are being heated up more gently, the system creates a consistently high level of quality.

    Abschnitt 7
    Steinecker supplied the fermentation and maturation cellar. Image credits: Beavertown Brewery

    According to Nikola Marjanovic, Operations Director at Beavertown, the biggest achievement of the joint project with Krones is the way the dry-hopping process was automated. Apart from putting the hops in the vessel manually, where you do the initial mixing, everything else – that is, all cellar processes including fermentation, dry-hopping, and separation of dry hopped beer into bright beer tanks – is done automatically. Both Logan and Nikola explain that the project was an exciting challenge for them since no craft brewery has done anything like that before. In the end it all worked out and they were very satisfied with the result: “The flexibility that Krones offered with the design and the mutual work and engineering helped us a lot,” says Nikola. “We tried to push the boundaries of what a craft brewery looks like. Usually, a lot is manual, but there is always this challenge when you bring it to a bigger production facility. How do you automate that and still create amazing beers?” Krones and Steinecker fulfilled exactly this requirement with the new brewery for Beavertown – and founder Logan Plant is excited about the new equipment: “We built London’s biggest brewery with the help of Krones. Considering that we’re only ten years old, to be in the driving seat of London’s biggest and most innovative brewery is amazing.”

    “An almost unbelievable achievement”

    The whole project, which started in August 2019, was overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic. The project already was in full swing, but then the first lockdown started in England and all Krones service technicians had to leave the country. So, they dialled in from Germany instead. Both Nikola and Logan were amazed by the dedication and customer service provided by their partners at Krones. In the end, despite the size of the project in general and the pandemic interfering with the initial plans, the project was finished in time – “an almost unbelievable achievement”, as Nikola puts it.

    We built London’s biggest brewery with the help of Krones. Considering that we’re only ten years old, to be in the driving seat of London’s biggest and most innovative brewery is amazing. Erwin HächlLogan PlantFounder of Beavertown Brewery

    At the time the project started in 2019, the whole brewery business was still running under the name Krones, with technology from Steinecker. As of spring 2021, Steinecker GmbH is an autonomous company within the Krones Group, focussing solely on breweries. The Beavertown project was a collaboration mainly of former Krones/now Steinecker employees from Freising as well as local sales and project managers from Krones UK.

    25. August 2022
    5:10 min.

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